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Seven Minute Workouts


The benefits of weight bearing exercises are endless. We were designed to move by our Creator. By working out and engaging our muscles, we add life to our years. We also can avoid serious problems as we age.

Before anyone begins a workout program or regime, you should make sure you are medically fit for exercise. There are videos on this page that only people in good shape should attempt. If you can only safely lift 10 pound bar bell, start there and you can work up to the desired weight that is good for you. Remember to keep the principle of easy does it in mind as you do not want to tear any muscles. The goal is to engage your body and not harm your body.

The following videos show you how I workout my entire body in just seven minutes. You want to chose a weight that you can safely lift for 12 repetitions. Ideally, the last 1 or 2 reps should fatigue your muscles to a condition known as momentary muscular failure.

The myth that you need to go to a gym and workout for hours everyday is just a myth. Your body can build and tone your muscles by just doing one set of 12 repetitions. When we strengthen our muscles, we automatically burn calories the rest of the day while sitting at a computer or sitting on the couch. Everyone can find ten minutes to workout every other day.

I do strongly suggest that you take a 30 minute daily walk every single day of the rest of your life. The health benefits are huge and your body will respond to the exercise as well. Let’s get started working out the upper body in the Day 1 of 5 routine and then we will move down your body over a ten day cycle. I have a cycle of Monday-Wednesday-Friday for doing my weight bearing exercises. I rest from weight bearing exercises the rest of the days of the week.

Stay faithful to your program and the rewards are incredible! Take care of your body and your body will take care of you!

Make sure you are drinking one half your ideal body weight in fluid ounces of pure water each day to properly hydrate your body! Coffee, sodas, and tea do not count!

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  • Start off lifting the weight that you can safely handle without hurting yourself. Everyone can find 10 minutes to keep their muscles firm, strong, and tone!

  • Sounds like a really great way to strengthen and tone the body muscles and only in a few minutes a day. Many people need to realize how important it is to stay active everyday. Toned muscles burn calories. A few minutes of daily exercise whether it be lifting weights, walking, dancing…etc… will be a huge investment in their long healthy life. Keep that circulation going.

    • Great points about how important moving the body is Barbara. Really enjoyed my yoga and stretches this morning! I have to sit at my desk and work on business tasks so every chance I get to move around is welcome relief for my back and other muscles!

  • Wade Balsdon

    Thanks for sharing these exercise videos Daniel! Thanks for responding to my Skype message. Look forward to reading and commenting on future blog posts 🙂

    • Hello Wade,
      The internet and instant messages as well as conference rooms makes it easy for people to interact with each other all over the world. Just finished my daily exercise program and now I can sit at the computer and work the rest of the day and burn calories because I did my exercises!

  • Good job staying active with your exercise program Daniel.

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