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VelociTea Call with Dr. Chappell

VelociTea Call with Dr. Chappell

Welcome to my VelociTea Call with Dr. Chappell post.  He has a PhD in clinical nutrition, is a doctor of chiropractic and naturopathy, and a certified medical herbalist. Here is a great 29 minute recorded call from Dr. James Chappell.

Dr. Chappell on Toxins and Detoxing the Body

You can also dial in to the following phone number 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


Watch Dr. Chappell in this 2 minute video about VelociTea:

Learn about how people have used the VelociTea ingredients for thousands of years to help people that suffer from many common health challenges.

velocitea call with dr chappellOur world is very toxic. The world has dirty air and water. Our food has unhealthy bacteria. What can we do to stay healthy? You can get a gentle detox tea that will go into your soft tissues and organs and cleanse anything that is foreign to your body. The tea was formulated 30 years ago and has been used successfully by millions of people. The colon, kidneys, liver and lungs are cleaned and you will notice a difference right away the very next day. Nine out of 10 people get a significant result.

velocitea call with dr chappellThe results people get from this tea are phenomenal. Nine out of ten people notice a significant result the very next day after drinking the tea. It is safe to use the tea on a daily basis. Suggested daily usage is 20 ounces of diluted tea. I have been using 8 ounces of undiluted tea since 2007.

velocitea call with dr chappellVelociTea Detox Tea can be used as a successful Weight Loss Program for many and is much more effective than Chinese Green Tea. Just drinking the VelociTea regularly often results in a reduction in the amount of stored fat in the body, and a significant reduction in the size of the abdomen or belly.

For some people, the weight loss has been achieved quickly and rather dramatically, but individual results will vary. When the excess weight is actually from impacted fecal matter stuck to the inside wall of the colon and small intestine, no amount of dieting or fat loss or exercise can reduce the size of the belly, but VelociTea can!

You can learn more on this VelociTea page on my website:

Tell Me More About Toxins and Detox

Contact Me if you have any questions.

Daniel Parsons

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