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Permanent Weight Loss

Permanent Weight Loss

Welcome to my Permanent Weight Loss page where I share resources that helped me lose 75 pounds for good since 2000.
over weightCan we achieve permanent weight loss without expensive pre-packaged meals or pills ? The photo on the left is me in 2000 when I was in Minneapolis at a world convention. There was 75 pounds more of me then than now.

This morning I was motivated to write a sample menu of what I eat on a typical day. This diet consists of no animal products. Animal products are loaded with fat your body does not need. You can replace things like butter, eggs, and milk with healthier alternatives. Instead of margarine or other cooking oils, I use water. If you must use an oil for a recipe, use coconut or olive oil. These are plant based oils and your healthiest solution for baking and cooking. See below for a healthy butter alternative.

black beans

Did you know you can give your body more than enough protein every day without having to eat any animal products? I get my protein from seeds, soy, vegetables and beans.

Beans are high in fiber and also are loaded with protein. Brown rice and beans is an excellent combination to give you a complete protein.

I promise if you follow this plan, you will gain energy and drop some weight provided you incorporate some exercise into your daily life. Drinking soft drinks is not conducive to good health. These beverages are loaded with sugar and are very acidic. Water is the best thing for your body especially when you want to improve your health.

waterOur body is in need of water first thing in the morning. Many nutritionists advise that you drink water 30 minutes or more before eating a meal and then do not drink during your meal so digestive juices can work more efficiently. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so DO NOT skip breakfast!

I have many delicious recipes on my blog that will help you on your journey!

Healthy Recipes Blog

These meals are designed on the eat like a King at breakfast logic, eat like a Queen at lunch, and eat like a pauper at dinner. Your body needs the larger meals in the morning to have enough fuel for the day. By eating less at the evening meal, you will be able to rest on a stomach that has finished digesting all of your food. I eat my evening meal at 5:00 pm so as to be fully digested by bedtime at 9:00 pm. Your body can rest better by following this plan.

detox tea



You will no longer be hungry in between meals because your body will be getting plenty of nutrition with the following recipes. You will start to feel better as hydration will remove toxins from your system. Animal products are high in fat and cause acid build up in your cells.

As you feel better, the weight will begin to come off and your motivation and self esteem will begin to improve and you are at that point headed for your own success story! Let me know if I can be of assistance as I have been very passionate about healthy living since I achieved permanent weight loss of 70 pounds myself in 2000.


I start the morning with about 20 ounces of alkalized water right after prayer. I spend about 30 minutes in Bible Study and meditation before eating breakfast. Reading devotional books and the meditation will nourish your soul.

Two ounces of VelociTea about 15 minutes before eating to curb appetite.

caldera greensA Tropical Fruit Smoothie with Caldera Greens

Subscribe to my You Tube Channel for videos on how I make the smoothie and some quick exercises to start the day.

Started using these organic greens that are grown on volcanic soil in Utah back in 2010 and I have not found it necessary to use any caffeine since. There is so much life force energy in the greens that you will never need any caffeine again.

One-half cup of oatmeal (quick, rolled, or steel-cut oats) and add some blueberries from freezer and stir. Do not add any sugar or butter. Oatmeal contains soluble fiber which helps reduce cholesterol and helps keep blood sugar levels balanced. Oatmeal is the best food for a diabetic to eat in the morning. Oatmeal will also fill you up and prevent the need for snacks in between meals. You may want to add a teaspoon of cinnamon to your oats and a dash of honey.


Two ounces of VelociTea about 15 minutes before eating to curb appetite

Once again, I make sure I have a large glass of water about 30 minutes before lunch. I have a nice variety of meals each day for my big main meal. I enjoy have an organic vegetable smoothie with a variety of raw vegetables each day at dinner. Here are some ideas:

colorful vegetablesBowl of 13 bean soup

Whole Wheat pasta with homemade pasta sauce and add the saute vegetables below and mix together. Limit the pasta that you eat to once a week.

Saute or steam raw vegetables just long enough to soften them. Here are some favorites that I use: broccoli, green or red peppers, garlic cloves, cauliflower, mushrooms, carrots, celery and onions.

Fish cakes are made from a combination of nuts, oats, spices, and vegetables processed in a food processor. Add a little bit of kelp spice and this mixture tastes just like fish and you do not worry about fish that may have come from polluted waters.

Mama’s Meatloaf is a mixture of a different combination of nuts, oats, spices, and vegetables processed in a food processor. You create a meatloaf looking substance and bake for one hour in a pyrex dish. You can add a little ketchup across top of mixture to make it look exactly like meatloaf. Read the label before you buy the ketchup. There are healthy ketchup products available in health food stores.

Tofu Walnut Patties is another meat like substitute that is made from oatmeal, nuts, and tofu. You can create a nice sweet and sour sauce to pour over by mixing a little honey, corn starch, water and Bragg’s Liquid Aminos.


It is recommended to drink your last glass of water for the day about 30 minutes before eating your evening meal. This will keep you from having to get up and go to the bathroom more than once in the night.

Two ounces of VelociTea about 15 minutes before eating to curb appetite.

vegetablesEat a salad everyday. This will help your body get more fiber.

Salad with raw vegetables. Nature has provided some really nice colors in the produce section of the grocery store. Here are some favorites: asparagus, green or red cabbage, bok choy, eggplant, carrots, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, greens, onions and chard.

I mentioned Caldera Greens several times in my videos on this page. Find out more about the Organic Greens on my page here:

Caldera Greens

Saute a combination of the above vegetables and eat over a bed of wild or brown rice. Fruit salad-use whatever is in season. This time of year is great for fresh grapes from Chile. Melons are great in summer.

permanent weight lossOne day after work, I set a goal to lose the extra 70 pounds I had gained in the 1990’s and was frustrated with my body in 2000. I started eating the foods mentioned in this webpage and started walking everyday. In just 6 months, all of the excess weight came off & I have kept it off since 2000.

I drink 12 ounces of VelociTea after eating every evening and it keeps me very regular as far as bowel movements the next day.

You can get a month supply of VelociTea by going to my website below:

Rush Me a Week of VelociTea

Butter alternative:
3/4 cup coconut milk *
1/2 cup water
2 Tablespoons yellow cornmeal
1/2 teaspoon salt *
May use 1/4 cup unsweetened finely shredded coconut or raw cashew nuts instead of coconut milk, and increase water to 1 and 1/4 cups.

If you have only sweetened coconut, the sugar can be rinsed out with hot water, using a sieve.

1. Place all ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Simmer 5 minutes. It should begin to thicken, about the consistency of thin porridge. I’ve learned that this can vary with the cornmeal used, so if it isn’t getting thick, add another teaspoon of cornmeal and cook a few more minutes until it is like thin pancake batter or porridge.

2. Place in blender, cover, can turn on low, then increase to high. Blend for about 1 minute until as smooth as possible. (If using shredded coconut or cashews nuts, blend for 2 minutes.)

3. Pour into a container; cover and chill. It will be runny, but sets up when cold. This will keep for about 10 days in the refrigerator, but after a few days it gets stiffer. If this happens, just add a bit of water and stir briskly until soft. I like to make a new batch every week. If there is any of the old still remaining, I stir it into a frozen vegetable dish, such as frozen corn. Makes One Cup
Recently attended a weight loss seminar and learned that the following substances help the body with weight loss:
1) Green Tea Extract
2) Lipoic Acid
3) White Kidney Bean

By exercising each morning, eating a plant based diet that is full of foods that don’t have a nutrition label, I am at my ideal weight. You can also reach your goals if you eat a potato in its natural form without butter or sour cream and apply the same principles that I have.

Be aware that I am not a licensed medical provider and my FDA disclaimer is found on the bottom right of all my websites pages. I have had excellent results with fitness & wellness and promote products & services that I believe in. By taking effective action and using common sense, I am prescription free and living an abundant life of wellness.

Your Partner in Success!

Daniel Parsons

360.383.0265 Pacific Weekdays

Skype: Daniel Parsons in Vancouver, Washington USA

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  • Great videos, info & healthy ideas Daniel. That lemon juice & garlic powder dressing for the salad is so easy and minus all those calories.

    • Hello Barbara,

      Ever notice the healthy foods that are grown are on the perimeter of the market? All the processed foods are in the center of the store. One friend’s blog reminds us to just shop on the outer aisles and we know we will have the healthy foods that don’t have nutrition labels. Going to check out your post about Retirement plan because I know I need one.

  • deanne sotero

    These healthy meals can surely help in having a permanent weight loss. I’ll surely try these and make it a part of my diet. Thank you 🙂

  • analy

    Hello Daniel,
    Wow great post, thanks for sharing this post. I agree if you are fit and healthy you’ve got wellness in return. so it is good to be always on the right track of fitness and wellness every day.

    • Hello Analy,
      Our most important asset is our health. The number of people that have serious health challenges is growing rapidly. By sharing wellness with people, we can help folks keep their immune system strong and then their bodies will fight off illness. Poor diet leads to a compromised immune system and then sickness is the end result.

  • Allison

    I’ve heard that eating smaller meals throughout the day is supposed to help you lose weight, is this true? I’ve tried it before but hated constantly feeling hungry. Has anyone had success with this method?

    • Hello Allison,
      I can only share what works for me. I do have a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and some fruit. I do have a couple of different meals at lunch and spread them out over a couple of hours. I have a fruit smoothie around 11:00 and then a nice healthy salad around 13:00. This has eliminated gas from mixing fruits and veggies in your digestive tract. Always have fruit first when eating a meal. For years I ate a pear for dessert after supper and learned that the fruit digests quickly and if you eat it after having a casserole or other dinner recipe, the fruit just sits in your digestive tract waiting on the casserole to digest which may take an hour or more.

  • Allison Callison

    Hi Daniel,
    Thank you for the advice! I’ve heard a lot of people say you should drink water before eating a meal so that you feel fuller and don’t eat as much, but I never thought about fruit. I’m definitely going to try it!

  • Thank you for emphasizing the important of healthy weight loss on your website. You’ve listed some great recipes here, and I hope that everyone is able to benefit from the education you provide. I truly believe that when people decide to start eating healthier and become more physically active, they will get to a healthy weight and start feeling better about themselves. Thanks again!

    • Hello Rudy,
      Amazing thing is people can have more energy and feel better in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s……by eating healthy and staying active. I see men that are still out on the golf course in their late 70’s. That is something that I want to be able to do!

  • Lee

    Hi let’s be honest the only way to keep the weight off and feel healthy is not to go on any crash diets. But eat healthy as a way of life and exercise regularly. You do these and you automatically feel fitter healthier in body and mind.

    Thanks lee

    • Hello Lee,
      I agree that crash diets, pills, potions, and high protein diets never work. A fundamental shift has to take place. Many people that suffer from a weight problem actually are stress eaters. When I started eating different foods loaded with nutrition, drinking pure water only, and doing some meditation to deal with the stress of life, I no longer needed to stuff myself with junk food and then have remorse.
      Weight Loss Tips

  • Jelly

    Hello Daniel,
    This year I gained weight and I don’t feel so confident about my body but now after reading this blog I really want to start a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for this information.

  • Lee

    Hi it’s lee again I knew there was something else I was going to say. You mentioned about how you get your protein. I get most of mine from nuts and raisins.same as yours no animal products and just as much protein as a protein shake and totally natural also they taste better.

    Thanks again lee

  • Hello Aavin,
    Pills, potions, low carbohydrate and high protein diets don’t work long term because weight is a sign of our overall health. By dealing with our emotions ( painful and joyful ) through some peaceful daily meditations, drinking pure water instead of sugary drinks, eating a vegetarian diet without animal fats, and getting daily 30 minute walks in, people can lose weight permanently. I have had many people tell me that they experience increased energy levels right away within the first week of following the above protocol. You cannot sit on the couch, take a diet pill, eat pizzas and drink sugary drinks and lose weight.

  • Barbara

    Thanks for the food ideas and recipes Daniel. I’m definitely going to try the Tofu Walnut Patties. Sounds like a nice treat on the go and you need healthy snack substitutes instead of the vending machine garbage. I know because I lost quite a bit of weight recently and just created a site similar to this to help others. I used exercise and was active but I still wasn’t losing the weight but that all changed when I changed my diet.

    • Hello Barbara,
      Just added Oatmeal Banana bites and Pumpkin soup recently to the Healthy Living section of my blog. Changing what we put in our mouths is the way to permanent weight loss. Millions of people are convinced that they can take some magic pill or potion and then still sit on a couch and eat pizza and drink sugar laden sodas and lose weight. There is a well known definition about Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Losing weight is simple:
      1. Eat plant based foods that are loaded with Nutrition
      2. Drink Pure Water ONLY
      3. Get Daily 30 minute walks into your life as a health habit.
      4. Detox Body to remove toxins and impacted fecal matter from digestive tract with our gentle Herbal Tea: VelociTea
      Going to check out your blog now 🙂

  • You really can get the best of the fruits and vegetables easily found on marketplaces. Ideal weight really differs in every individual but being physically fit is what matters.
    Also, I might also add something that I have tested in my weight loss method.

    Try drinking 2 glasses of water BEFORE eating. It will help you become less hungry and you’ll be full faster. This way you will be eating less and that is a simpler method of losing weight.

    • Hello Fleur,
      I agree about the water. I start my day with 2 large glasses of water and a decaf green tea. I add some Oxygen Drops to my water and this helps get more oxygen into my cells to start the day.

  • Parker Good

    One of the most important things I learned about losing weight permanently was that what you eat really effects your belly fat!

    • Hello Parker,
      The last few pounds I needed to lose back in 2001 was right around my belly button. I don’t bring any junk food into my home so I am never tempted to eat junk food. I always am in the farmers markets and grocery purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

  • Julie Ny

    Great article Daniel! I must agree that dieting and staying active is the key with any weight loss program. It is what helped me to lose my hip fat.

    • Great job Julie! I guess it is time for me to get a Testimonial page up with folks that have before and after photos of their weight loss journey!

  • Interesting insight into how you keep the weight off! Do you see yourself drinking the VelociTea longer term? I know it works but I wonder whether it stops people learning to control their consumption themselves?

    • Hello Chris,
      The VelociTea keeps the digestive system working smoothly and there have been many reports of people losing belly fat from drinking the tea. Many people think a bowel movement per day is normal. If you eat three times per day, you should have 3 bowel movements. Elvis Presley had over 70 pounds of fecal matter impacted inside of his digestive system at the time of his death. When the elimination channels are not working properly, the fecal matter releases toxins into the blood stream.
      I have used the tea 28 days per month since 2007. I take 2 or 3 days off the herbs at the end of the month to let the body reset and then the herbs work even better. I will use the tea until my time on earth has expired!

  • Glen Andrews

    Hi Daniel, I’m with you – I hate eating a heavy dinner! My wife makes fun of me because I want to eat dinner early. She tells me I’m getting old, and pretty soon we’ll be heading out for dinner at 4:00pm.

    I try to explain to her that eating a late dinner just keeps the body working to digest the food throughout the night.

    Thanks for the great insight Daniel!

    • Hello Glen,
      My sleep has improved several times as I learn more and more about how to get healthier. I eliminated all caffeine from my diet in 2004. In 2005, I learned that our body rests better when our food has had 3 hours to digest before bedtime. Maybe if your wife also experiences the better sleep, she will understand why you like to have an early supper? Thanks for stopping by my site!

  • Lee

    Hi Daniel,
    I have been exercising more lately and have found myself really hungry in the mornings. So all though not intentionally have been starting the day eating like a king and have a lot of my intake of food earlier than later. Have found I sleep a lot better as well not sure if that is the added exercise or the eating earlier or maybe a mixture of the two???

    Great post lee

    • Hello Lee,

      Exercise does stimulate the endorphins so my experience is eating an early evening meal plus exercising helps stimulate better sleep. Try out some lavender oil as well. I am going to do a blog post in next day about how lavender helps with sleep.

  • Good exercise and good diet are a perfect combination. A Healthy life is not hard to achieve.

    • Hello Kale,
      I enjoy eating green and purple kale every week. I rotate the kinds of kale I eat so my body gets a variety. I also walk everyday so I am doing my part in staying healthy and active!

  • Asim Nicol

    Calories obtained from fructose (found in sugary beverages such as soda, energy and sports drinks, coffee drinks, and processed foods like doughnuts, muffins, cereal, candy, and granola bars) are more likely to add to this dangerous fat around your belly. Cutting back on sugary foods can mean a slimmer waistline and lower risk of disease.

  • Body Type

    Amazing post. Great recipe of the Velocitea.
    Detox tea is very beneficial for the body and your meals are easy to learn.
    Thanks for the useful sharing.

  • Body Type

    I love to share this post to all my friends suffering weight problems. I know this post can help many more people reach their ideal weight.

  • I think the most vital tip that you have mentioned here and that every one needs to follow is drinking water 30 minutes before or after the meal. Many of us tend to drink water soon after finishing our food but little do we know that this adversely affects digestion/metabolism.

  • Hi Daniel,
    Happy to see such a great post on the topic of Weight Loss. I know how beneficial coconut oils are because I am from Sri Lanka where we have the best coconut oil and coconut products.

    • Hello blogger,

      I do not post comments that do not use real names to protect my blog against spam. If you want your post on my blog, you need to use your real name.

  • Richard Thompson

    I’m trying to make the change to less animal products in my diet, but it definitely can be hard. I’ve made some good strides, never drinking sodas or other sugary drinks. I’ve started by going vegetarian on the weekdays, and I’m currently working my way towards even more than that. I’m definitely going to have to try some of your suggestions! The meatloaf sounds really interesting, and I’d really like to try that sometime soon. Thanks for sharing! It really goes to show you have quality content, that people are still finding a post from over a year ago!

  • The need arises from the fact that dietary supplements are becoming more common, and now form part of eating habits. In recent years, the market of supplements was as one of the fastest growing segments, but also and above all in constant evolution.

  • Apu Mridha

    I’m also facing problems with extra fat and weight …facts you have pointed out to loose weight are very logical to me..I’m gonna try them out.. thanks for this amazing post.. 🙂

    • Hello Apu,

      I just made a couple of new blog posts that will help anyone that wants to lose weight. Hope the articles are a blessing to you.

  • some talk about green coffee and garcinia cambogia.
    what is differance between garcinia and green coffee.
    i used raspberry ketone, it is effectivei lost some pounds in few days.
    i like your recipies, looks yumm
    i will try your diet program
    thank you

    • Kaite Miler

      Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit found in tropical countries which is popular for weight loss since 2012 after it was introduced on Dr Oz show. Green Coffee Bean also sheds your pounds and it is made up of green coffee bean extract. I suggest you try Garcinia Cambogia first because you do not need to diet. But if you want to lose your weight fast with diet then you should choose Easy HCG Diet Drops.

  • Hi Daniel, permanent weight loss means dieting and exercising for the rest of your life if you want to stay fit and look good. I agree with the saying “use it or lose it” so I make sure I continue to eat right and exercise on a daily basis to stay fit. When I and others see noticeable results it keeps me motivated and happy to continue the good work.

  • Loved this article! I am a huge fan of fishcakes – I think they are so easy to make, and the benefits are huge.

  • Some of these meal ideas are great, I’m going to be trying these this week! Happy New Year !

  • Kathy

    Love reading your content about Weight Loss. Thank you!
    My healthy routine: Fruits – Gym – Diet – Walking – Diet

  • Great !! It was a nice presentation of losing weight with healthy meal. The brown rice and beans are an absolutely great combination for huge proteins.

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