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Natural Healing versus Chemotherapy

Learned some more simple ideas for people that are either current or former cancer patients. Try Natural Healing before doing Chemotherapy because your cancer could be reduced if you eliminate the cause. Chemotherapy can destroy your bodies immune system. Natural Healing is safer and works towards eliminating the conditions in which the cancer thrives. If you are dehydrated and not having a bowel movement shortly after each meal you eat each day, you are toxic. If you are eating a typical American diet of animal products loaded with fat, your blood glucose levels are too high and cancer thrives in sugar. You also are probably minerally deficient on that typical American diet.

1) Detoxify the body with colon and soft tissue cleansing tea

2) Hydrate the body with alkaline water that has a negative ionic charge

3) Remineralize the body with alkaline balance complete whole foods minerals

4) Moderate your blood glucose levels with Cinnamon Six

You can learn more at my Naturopathic Health Products website.

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