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Seventh-Day Sabbath

Just learned something new this morning from Dr Walter Veith.

blessedIn Genesis Chapter 1, God created in six days. Every creation event was in perfect order. The Bible teaches that the world was created and was good & very good. Over six thousand years later, our world is falling apart. Massive cyclones, hurricanes, droughts, and the frequency of earthquakes are increasing. Ebola and other diseases are headline news.

Evolution is being taught in public schools. Evolution theory believes that the world is moving towards order from disorder.

If you ask me, it takes much more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe that there is a creator God. The Bible teaches that this world was perfect until pride entered into mankind via the fallen angel Lucifer.

Read the Great Controversy Online to fully understand what is coming for us that are still alive here on earth.

rememberWiesemiller Potato Farm is owned by a young farmer that was trying to harvest his potato crop but noticed that there was a major problem with pests in his crop.

Pests would destroy the crop in less than 2 days. Farmers depend on the harvest to provide the income needed for their families for the whole year.

The farmer went back and checked his tithe records.

He prayed to the Lord, then kept the Sabbath Day Holy as the fourth commandment teaches us.

On Sunday, the farmer discovered that another insect was coming up and stinging the pests that would destroy his crop. God answered the farmer’s prayers.

Father Broderick of St Catherines wrote that the only true protestant faith is the 7th day Adventist church.

Sabbath6Draw three circles on a piece of paper with the last one ( outside circle ) covering most of the paper.

On the inside circle is the Sabbath, the weekly reminder of God being our Creator
On the middle circle, is God’s Law
On the outside circle is Redemption

Are you in God’s circle? Do you keep His Holy Day sacred ? ( Saturday )

There is no Biblical basis for going to church on Sunday.

To learn more, visit this website where Hal Holbrook explains why most of the Christian world is honoring the traditions of man by attending church on Sunday.

Sabbath Truth

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  • I was deceived for over 45 years by a main line Protestant church that is following the traditions of man that came into the Catholic Church. Pagan celebrations of sun worship came into the early Christian church in the fourth century.

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