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Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Welcome to my Quit Smoking post. Smoking is very harmful to your health. In every cigarette, there are over 4000 chemicals, 400 toxins, and 43 cancer causing carcinogens. Lighting a cigarette is very harmful to your health. The end result varies between lung cancer, emphysema, possible stroke or heart attack. Some people end up with breathing holes inserted in their throats because of throat cancer from the toxins.

quit smokingHow can you prevent someone from ever smoking? One suggestion is to ask your local coroner’s office to inspect a black lung taken from a person that has died from lung disease. A healthy lung has undamaged cilia ( tiny hairs ) and is pink in color. A smoker’s lung is black and the cilia are damaged. Tar coats the tissues of the lung and blackens the tissue.

Smoking claims around 5.5 million lives each year. The effects of smoking make life miserable for people that are addicted to smoking. Emphysema and shortness of breath are very painful. Gasping for air makes life difficult. Many people that have quit smoking comment that the addiction is extremely difficult to overcome. How can someone quit smoking? All of us were born without a cigarette in our mouth. Here is the path I took in 1998 to overcome this deadly habit.

1. Ask for Help.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

3. Go for Walks.

4. Keep a Sugar Free Mint with You.

5. Peel a Piece of Fruit or Munch a Carrot or Apple.

6. Use a Quitting Smoking Support Group

7. Use the Smoker’s Quit Line

quit smokingI pray every morning that God will remove the desire for nicotine, cigarettes and anything that is harmful to my body. I drink one half my ideal body weight in ounces of pure water each day. I walk at least 30 minutes a day and up to an hour most days. The fresh air will help the process of removing the toxins from your body.

The process of peeling a banana, orange or other piece of fruit is the same hand to mouth action of smoking a cigarette. I also frequently called the American Cancer Society’s Smokers Quit Line to help me during my first few days of being a non smoker. The counselors helped me over those tough spots. Check for your state’s toll free quit line.

The number for help to quit smoking in Washington State is 800-QUIT NOW.

quit smokingIt only takes around 3-4 days for most of the toxins to leave your body if you follow the above steps of walking and drinking water. Your body will quickly begin to start the healing process. Your body, hair and clothes will start to smell better. You will have much more money to take care of yourself once you quit smoking. A pack of cigarettes now cost anywhere from $7-10 per pack. Multiply that by 30 days and you have up to $300 or more per month to take care of your health. You will feel much better.

You can also help get the nicotine and toxins out of your body by getting a free week of our detox tea. Go to my website here and request your free week of tea now:

Rush Me a Week of Detox Tea

Contact Me if you have any questions.

Daniel Parsons

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  • Tyson Schmidt

    Great article on helping others to quit smoking. Have to admit I smoked for 20 years and it was the best thing I ever did. Just decided one day that I had finally had enough and was cleaning up my life from many harmfull things, ex-wives, chemicals, tobacco, etc. Just had enough of all the things we were doing to our home and bodies.

    • Good to hear you were able to quit Tyson! I smoked for 18 years and hope there are no serious repercussions from my tobacco addiction. I asked God to help me quit in 1998 & it worked. When I was sick and tired of the smoking, I toughed it out and remember the difficult withdrawal. I used the smokers quit line where I lived in New Hampshire and hiked some small mountains with some friends to help begin the detox process. I recommend people drink plenty of pure water everyday and especially when quitting smoking because this will help flush out all those 400 plus toxins.

  • I quit back in 1991 when I began working for a cardiologist. I would go all day without smoking then chain smoke on the ride home. The vast majority of the patients came in with oxygen tanks and could barely walk without running out of breath. I had three children and decided I needed to quit not only for them but for myself. I found that by keeping busy when that urge hit was very helpful. I probably had the cleanest house in the neighborhood. It is also a good idea to have crunchy, healthy snacks available so you don’t grab the wrong foods and end up gaining extra weight. No matter what age you are it is a good idea to stop this bad habit and get healthy.

    • Barbara, I am sure your lungs are jumping up and down now after being free from all those toxins. I share the VelociTea with people to help them clean out all those toxins from the soft tissues of the body including the colon, kidneys, liver and lungs. If we all were shown a diseased blackened lung when we are about 15 years old, maybe less people would begin smoking.

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