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Tired of Dieting

Tired of Dieting

Welcome to my tired of dieting post where I will expose the big problem with the $60 billion diet industry. Watch my video to understand what will bring you the results you are looking for in regard to being at your ideal weight.

tired of dietingEver notice how weight loss advertising is every where you access media? Right now during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season, there is very little advertising.

That all changes on 2 January when we enter the New Year. North America will be bombarded with ads from Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and many other weight loss programs or meal plans. The ads will be on television, social media and even on streaming services like Roku.

If someone who struggles with weight doesn’t change their eating behavior, they will continue to go through cycles of losing weight and then gaining the weight back. There is no quick fix. If you sit on the couch and eat the same kinds of foods that made you overweight, you will not get anywhere buying prepackaged meals like pasta, pizza and chocolate cake.

When I struggled with weight, I noticed that I got tired in the middle of the afternoon. I also would get hungry a few hours before the next meal. The hunger was a sign my body was sending that the body did not have the nutrients that it needs to function well. I often had to resort to eating fast food due to my being on the road for business.

A favorite saying of mine that has helped me with motivation is: IF NOTHING CHANGES, NOTHING CHANGES.

fast food industryThe weight loss industry is a $60 billion business. Sadly, more people are suffering from being overweight. How can someone break the dieting merry-go-round and achieve a permanent change and never have to struggle with weight again?

Here are some fundamental health principles that I used in 2000 to get rid of 75 pounds. I continue to live this way and have not had to struggle with my weight since that day I decided to do something about my condition.

  • Avoid Fast Foods
  • Avoid Junk Foods
  • Avoid Processed Foods
  • Deep Breathing to Overcome Sugar Cravings
  • Drink Pure Water
  • Eat Plant Based Diet Loaded with Fiber
  • Eliminate Sugar Sodas
  • Exercise Daily
  • Gradual Elimination of Animal Products from My Diet

tired of dietingEvery week I go to a grocery store that specializes in fresh organic fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables and whole grains. I spend on average around $45 depending on what I need to replenish for one week. I never buy or bring fast, junk or processed foods home so there is never a temptation for me.

When you give your body a balanced whole food diet from the above categories, your body gets the essential nutrients it needs for good health. I do suggest supplementing to make sure you are getting all of the nutrients for good health. I take some Vitamin D3  and a whole food multi vitamin and mineral product as well as some special supplements that I myself need.

Tired of DietingWhen your body has the nutrition it needs, you will feel great. I enjoy getting out of bed each morning and getting my organic fruit smoothie made. I add in some powerful greens and protein and could survive all day on just that smoothie.

You can watch some of my meal preparation videos by subscribing to my You Tube Channel.

Once you start the change of what you put into  your mouth, your body will notice the difference. Continue with the healthy diet and get your exercise and watch the pounds say goodbye for ever!

Many people have 10 pounds or more of waste inside of their digestive system due to a colon that is constipated. I have used VelociTea since 2007 to keep my system regular. You can enjoy one package of the Tea on me for free from my site below:

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Please share your experiences with me by commenting below. You can reach me on my Contact Page also to say I am Tired of Dieting.

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