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Easter Is a Pagan Celebration

Writing this out of a spirit of Love and Concern as every business has had all kinds of ads for Easter candies, bunnies, etc.

Do a search in your Bible. You will NOT find the word Easter.
Easter is a pagan celebration of the fertility goddess Esther.
Pagan celebrations have crept into the Christian church for hundreds of years.



At this time of the year, many in the Christian world celebrate all kinds of special days & events in what is known as the Catholic Holy Week.  Before you call me a radical or out of my mind, I am so grateful that Jesus did die on the Cross for my sins on Good Friday. I am also eternally grateful He rose on the first day of the week which is Sunday.

In the Bible there is no direct scripture that instructs us to observe Lent, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and even Good Friday or Palm Sunday.

Andrews Study BibleJesus was greeted by palm fronds in John 12:13 but there is no mention of the first day of the week or worship.

There are passages in the four Gospels about the Last Supper.

The Bible calls Friday preparation day. It is the sixth day of the week. Guess what day gets left out of the conversation? Sabbath, the Seventh-day of the Week which is the only day that God Sanctified & Made Holy.

What is in the Bible as far as the Last Supper, Good Friday, Jesus resting in the tomb on the Seventh-day Sabbath ( Jesus kept the Fourth Commandment even in death ) and Jesus’s Resurrection on the first day of the week ( Sunday ) ?

Read Matthew 26 through 28

Read Luke 22 through 24

This Friday is a special day for followers of Jesus Christ because without Jesus’s death on the Cross, I am eternally lost.

When the sunsets on Friday night, God’s Seventh-day Sabbath will be here once again. It is a weekly rest given by God to all mankind right after God created Adam. It is not just for the Jewish people.

On Sunday morning, I will be in Bible study remembering that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ gives me hope for today and a future void of fear.

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  • Jesus kept His Father’s Fourth Commandment even in the tomb. Jesus was without sin. That is why HE can stand in my place at Judgment Day and I have nothing to Fear.

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