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Here is my update after using Whole Wellness Club’s Peak Enzymes for around 50 days now. I notice my appetite is not as much as before. I have learned that when you eat nutritious foods, your body signals when it is full.

By taking one digestive enzyme before my meal with 6 ounces of water about 5 minutes before a meal, my digestion is much better. The body is not having to work as hard to break down the food.

My bowel movements are very regular. I have at least three per day and usually right before or shortly after having eaten a meal. There is no struggle with the bowel either.

The nutrients from my diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and legumes is getting into the blood stream more efficiently and this is getting nutrition to the cellular level.

I drink a gallon of distilled water daily to help this whole process work more efficiently. Every person that I talk to about the enzymes is getting a similar result. I like the fact that my body is being nourished as I age. My diet was not the best from the 1970’s until around 1994 when I started to take better care of myself.

My energy level during the day is steady. I worked out in the garden yesterday pulling up all of the corn stalks and did not get tired. I have made a slight adjustment in how I take the systemic enzymes. Instead of taking all three at night, I take 2 at bedtime with 6 ounces of water.

I wake up at 04:40 to get the day started and exercise so that is a perfect time to take my remaining systemic enzymes. It has about 2 hours to go to work before I eat my breakfast. This way the systemic enzymes are working in my blood almost 24 hours a day.

One thing I have noticed recently is that I needed a little more sleep than normal. I raised money on Veteran’s Day for Disabled American Veterans local Chapter 19 in Bellingham, Washington. I picked up a cold and had minor runny nose but no severe cold symptoms. I believe the combination of the enzymes cleaning my blood and the Alligin product that boosts the immune system kept me from getting very sick.

It could also be a case of my immune system needing a little more rest. I am on track to get back into being in the office ready to go at 08:00 for the remainder of the week. Find out more about Peak Enzymes here: Peak Enzymes

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  • Daniel, I did my own experiment to show that the With Enzymes break down food. I took 1/2 c of uncooked oatmeal and put it into a cup. I then mixed in enough water to totally moisten the oats. I placed a spoon in the mixture and it stood upright in the oatmeal. I put one WITH PEAK ENZYME into the mixture and stirred it around. After a few hours, I checked the oatmeal and the mixture was “soupy” and the spoon would not stand upright in the cup. This proved to me that the With Peak Enzymes break down food and they do it quickly. They are working wonderfully well for me and they will work for you too.

  • These enzymes have made a significant difference in my energy levels and I’m more focused on my work throughout the day. They really are powerful products. Healthy Blessings, Barbara Arbster

  • Daniel Parsons

    Thanks for the experiment. I listened to the recorded calls with the formulator Troy Aupperle and Whole Wellness Club owner Chuck Dhuey. Chuck told Troy that he wants the club to have the best enzymes products in the world. I look forward to many healthy years using Peak Enzymes. I also eat oatmeal several mornings per week and now I know that the enzymes break the oats down.

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