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How Does Alkaline Water Improve Your Health ?

More and more people are asking what is the advantage of drinking alkaline water that has a negative ionic charge? Real Water Concentrate is a product that will make your own water a negative charge and bring the alkalinity up to at least 8.5 on a pH scale. I found some of the most common responses that Dr. Chappell has mentioned and will share them here:

1) Penetrates cell membranes and removes toxins while hydrating your cells
2) Neutralizes Chlorine and negative ions neutralize free radicals so there is an anti-oxidant property
3) Assists body in detoxification process
4) Makes your water taste better
5) Helps deliver nutrients to your cells
6) Helps increase Alkalinity level in your body
7) Your own water becomes premium water by using the Concentrate
8) Treat over 7.5 gallons with one four ounce bottle of the Concentrate
9) Portable as you can take the little bottle anywhere you go
10) You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive machine that may not hold its negative charge for more than a day

I have been using the Real Water Concentrate for almost one year. Every evening, I treat some twice filtered well water in containers that I refrigerate with an eye dropper full of the concentrate.

How can you get a bottle of Real Water? Contact Me

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