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How our Diet Affects our Body Odor

I learned something new this past Sabbath. There is a healing ministry located in Shelby, North Carolina called Hallelujah Acres. The focus is eating a Biblically based diet for healing many health problems. If you know anyone that wants to lose weight or work on any health condition by way of changing their diet, go to their website here: http://hacres.com/home/home.asp

I watched one of their videos over the Sabbath and learned that our bodies digestive system has to work very hard to digest animal products. Here is the simple principle that illustrates the process. Leave some meat, cheese, dairy or other animal product on the counter in a house that is 98 degrees hot. Walk out of the house and lock the door for 4 days. On the fifth day, walk back into the house. You will be overwhelmed with a rancid odor. That is the exact same way your digestive system has to deal with processing animal products. This is also the reason we need to apply deodorant to our body every day after a bath or shower. The animal products cause our body to have body odor as it is working overtime to process those foods.

Now here is the real interesting thing I learned:

The body eliminates toxins from underneath our arms. This is the main area that the lymph system removes toxins from our body. According to Dictionary.com: “Lymph acts to remove bacteria and certain proteins from the tissues, transport fat from the small intestine, and supply mature lymphocytes to the blood.”

Deodorant (the brand I used to put on my body) has aluminum chlorohydrate. Check out this article about how this salt is a neurotoxin and can cause Alzheimers and cancer. http://planetgreen.discovery.com/fashion-beauty/aluminum-chlorohydrate.html

I am no longer using deodorant as I gave up animal products for good. Our body does not need to work as hard to digest fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and legumes. If you leave those items on the counter in a similar 98 degree environment for 4 days, they will be wilted (except the nuts) when you come back on the 5th day. There won’t be a rancid odor.

Update 1. May 2009

My friend in Eastern Washington sent me this newsletter about Diabetes and the enormous problem it has become. Dr. McDougall shows how a plant based diet can help diabetics. Read more in his newsletter: Dr. McDougall

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  • As always, very true and interesting information. Many people do not realize about the aluminum…all the toxins we are ingesting. Even soda pop drinkers that drink out of aluminum cans. Thank you & Healthy Blessings, Barbara Arbster

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