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Muscadine Perfect Grape

Muscadine Perfect Grape

muscadine-perfect-grapeWelcome to my Muscadine Perfect Grape post about a powerful whole food supplement, made from the Seed, Skin and Pulp of Muscadine Grapes.

With its high levels of Resveratrol and other antioxidants, The Perfect Grape has been shown to help promote superior health by fighting against the effects of Free Radicals.

The benefits of using the whole Muscadine Grape in relation to heart disease, cholesterol, pre-diabetes, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, inflammation, arthritis, gastrointestinal health and longevity is amazing.

This grape has an extra pair of chromosomes compared to normal table grapes. Every person should use this whole food product to help reduce free radical damage inside the body.

The Muscadine Perfect Grape is Exclusive to the Whole Wellness Club and is the first product in our “Natures Force” Supplement line. The Perfect Grape is the highest quality Whole Muscadine Grape Supplement on the market.

Muscadine grapes are known as Vitis Rotundifolia grapes, which are native to the Southeastern United States. Unlike common grapes, which cannot survive the harsh climate of the southeastern US without the aid of chemical pesticide spray, Muscadine grapes naturally grow and thrive in the hot, humid and disease prone climate. Muscadine grapes differ from other varieties of grapes in a number of ways. The most noticeable difference is the skin of the muscadine grapes. The skin is much thicker which gives the muscadine grapes a natural resistance to diseases, fungi and insects.

Most of the antioxidant power of the muscadine grapes is also found in the skin and seeds. The skin of the grapes is so thick, that 40% of the weight of the grapes comes from the skin itself. Muscadine grapes also have an extra set of chromosomes; they contain 20, where common grapes have only 19. This unique structure is responsible for the abundant phytonutrients, especially Ellagic Acid, not found in other grapes and very high levels of Resveratrol. The phytonutrients in the Muscadine grape are well known for anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects.

For more information, please see my page below. You can also contact me on weekdays Pacific Time.

Muscadine Grape

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