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Here is a some valuable training for anyone building a network. Use these three principles to teach others and your network will grow and your team will have residual income for years.

One of the most powerful, but most under used tools available to network marketers, are 3 way phone calls. This includes 3 way calls with one of your uplines as well as using 3 way calls to plug prospects into live opportunity calls and pre-recorded sizzle lines.

The truth is… most people you only invite to listen to an opportunity call or sizzle line will not dial in on their own. By 3 waying them into the calls or recordings, you not only know that they did listen in, you also know when. And you are right there to answer any questions they have at the time as well as ask them to join or move them on to the next step in your presentation.

Additional benefits of doing this are….  You are letting technology help share your opportunity with your prospect. Plus you are training your prospect how to properly build their business when they join your Team. A very important thing to remember is…. the way you introduce your prospects to your opportunity is normally the way your prospects think they will have to build their business. The more they see that they have other people and tools to help them build their business… the greater the chance they will join. Most people do not like the idea of being sold or selling someone else. And they like the idea of public speaking even less. So let the recordings, live calls & uplines do the talking for you.  :  )

So starting today, when possible… 3 way your prospects into the sizzle line and opportunity calls… use this great tool with all prospects possible. Your business & your prospects will thank you for it  :  )

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