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Cinnamon Six – Sugar Destroyer and Much More

Learned something new last night (14. May 2009) on our weekly wellness club call. Cancer thrives in a glucose environment. Having blood sugar problems leads to many health problems. There is a solution.

Whole Wellness Club just had another amazing call with our spokesperson Dr. James Chappell. Our new product Cinnamon six is now available to Club members. Each bottle contains 243 veggie capsules and cost $46. It is recommended to drink 12 ounces of water with the 3 capsules per serving. Dr. Chappell mentioned that if you drink the water and capsules a few minutes before your meal, the product will help keep your blood glucose level in balance.

We are sharing this information only as a resource as we are not able to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease. Dr. Chappell has had patients that used Cinnamon Six along with their insulin medication. The patients were able to decrease their medication down as the Cinnamon Six did its job of regulating blood glucose and insulin levels. Some patients were able to completely get off their insulin medications.

How can you get a bottle of Cinnamon Six? Join Whole Wellness Club for free today at this site: Whole Wellness Club

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  • This product is excellent. I’ve always been Hypoglycemic…need to eat several small meals daily and at times can get very shaky, mentally cloudy and irritable when my blood sugar levels go up and down. When I take the Cinnamon 6 I’m not experiencing that up & down feeling and not experiencing the shaky feeling between meals. This product will be so beneficial to everyone ! Healthy Blessings, Barbara Arbster

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