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Most Powerful Pay Plan on the Planet

Direct Sales Pay Plans

Are you tired of joining home business programs that promise the moon but never seem to deliver for the average person? Every day people are sending my the latest high yield investment programs, gifting programs, cyclers and other get rich quick deals that spring up almost over night on the internet. I admit that when I was desperate to make some money, I fell for some of those so called fast money cyclers. These types of programs prey on new people that think the internet is like a lottery ticket.

There are over 40 million people in North America that make a living online. This number will just continue to grow as the baby boom generation keeps retiring at over 10,000 people every single day!

Why do marketing program compensation plans put barriers to making an income in a home based business? Are the companies just interested in making profits instead of empowering the distributors in the field?

One of the most used statements is that only the people at the ‘top’ or ‘beginning’ ever make any money in a home based business.

Today I can say with certainty that the last statement is just not true. I have been with the same wellness company since 2007 and have downline members that earn more money each month than I do! That makes me feel good! I spend a few minutes each day in prayer asking God to bless the products that I market and sell. I also ask God that the people that are my customers will get measurable results and improved health and well-being.

I also pray for the success of my team members because when someone is making a nice monthly residual income  because they followed our system, we become more successful and the effort just keeps blessing more and more people!

I am in the same direct sales marketing company since 2007. We have a powerful feeder program that pays out 50 percent as wide and deep as you can go on a $40 a month product that gives 9 out of 10 people a significant result in one day.

So unlimited $20 bills is the beginning. Watch this video that is the webinar recorded on 16 September 2013 to learn more about how we use some simple easy to follow steps to home business success in the wellness industry!

The parent company pays out 60 percent on a unilevel that goes down 6 levels. You earn at least $10 on each member of your sales team and the best thing is the volume that people generate includes all of their customers volume. This means you have downline members with $300 to $500 and more of monthly volume and you earn 10 percent on each level of your organization. I have never seen a company pay out $30 to $50 per member.

Let me know if you would like to know more! We even have a free sample that goes out to people around world so it is totally free for people to get introduced to the most powerful system in the industry!

Grab a free sample of the product that cleans the inside of your body out as we are all taking in toxins every single day. Cleansing our system inside the body is just as important as cleaning the outside with a bath or shower!

Rush Me a Free Sample of VelociTea

Daniel Parsons

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  • Ross Whitney

    Hello Daniel, I enjoy reading all of your article posts. Many people need a way to earn income and the marketing plan your company has will help many people earn some money! I wanted to write a little comment to support you.

  • Klaudia Adamskae

    Excellent blog here Daniel ! Also your site loads up fast! What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my website loaded up as quickly as yours does

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