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Healthy Weight

Long Term Solutions to Help You Lose Weight

Much of my success in maintaining a healthy weight is attributed to an exercise program. I have studied and read much about what the benefits of exercising are and have incorporated a program into my daily life. Did you know that if you walk for just 30 minutes a day, you will be healthier and help the body in a number of ways? Studies show that an early morning workout which includes a 30 minute walk will increase your metabolism rate. The rest of the day you can be sitting at a desk and the rate you burn calories will be increased because you walked. Walking also is excellent for the digestive system and your cardiovascular system. I also do a program that includes basic exercises:

1. Exercise ball

2. Inversion table for 10 minutes

3. Push-ups

4. Sit-ups

5. Stretching for flexibility

6. Yoga

The total time I spend to accomplish this every morning is around 90 minutes. The time spent exercising pays off. My most recent blood pressure was 103 over 72 and Heartrate was 64. I feel great and have been told I also look good as far as having strong and toned muscles. I find the key is to never miss a morning unless it is an emergency. I have plenty of cold weather gear for winter walks and have the gear for walking in the rain as well. Make sure you drink one half your ideal body weight in pure water each day. Water is needed by every cell in your body and helps remove toxins and promotes weight loss.

Only Sick People Get Sick! If we live a healthy life of proper diet, hydrate the body with pure water, and get sunshine and exercise every day, we will stay healthy. Disease thrives in an acidic environment. Disease cannot exist if you take care of your body by following the above principles.

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  • Well done Daniel, your blood pressure and pulse are fantastic. And kudos to you on your discipline with training.

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