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Improve Your Health and Earn Cash

Improve Your Health and Earn Cash


Welcome to my Improve Your Health and Earn Cash post where I show you four simple steps to a secure income. Normally not getting sleep at night is not a nice thing to experience. I am sure we all go through our difficult times in life. But what about when you cannot sleep because you realized how powerful the marketing plan is now at the Whole Wellness Club? That may qualify as a good Sleepless in……. story.

Improve Your Health and Earn Cash

Caldera Greens

Here are some highlights that you should consider:

1. Preferred customers now earn 30 percent commission for every referral made to the company. This is a customer rewards program that is instant! Imagine how many people will get excited because they can easily have enough rewards in their account for a free Canister of Caldera Greens every month. I know that excites me.

2. Just share a week of the Detox Tea with everyone you can and then share the Detox Cash Marketing System that pays out 50 % as wide and deep as you can build. The free tea giveaway system is just $14.95 a month. If you give out 100 packages of the tea each month, your business will explode. Only one sample is able to be shipped to each household.

3. You can earn on the first four levels of the Simplicity Pay Plan by just having $100 of volume each month. You will need to sponsor either a new distributor at that same $100 of volume or sign up as many customers as you can. Some of the customers will convert over to being a distributor because of how powerful the pay plan is. Improve Your Health and Earn Cash will naturally result with the following success steps:

Four Steps to Success in the Whole Wellness Club:

1. Believe In the Power of You-Set Your Mind to Succeed
2. Give Away Samples of VelociTea
3. Show the Detox Cash Marketing System – No Autoship 2 x 2 Cycler
4. Introduce Simplicity Pay Plan to Detox Cash Members You Attracted

Improve Your Health and Earn Cash

Whole Wellness Club

Must do steps in order to have best results. You would not approach someone with Step 4 if they have not used the detox tea first.

The free tea giveaway system is a subscription that you can access in your back office. It is $14.95 a month and you can give away as much tea as possible. Only one package to each address is allowed. Here is my Free Tea Giveaway Site:

Rush Me a Free Sample of VelociTea


Here Is My Whole Wellness Club Site:

All Natural Whole Food Products That Pays Cash


Contact Me If I Can Help You Improve Your Health and Earn Cash!

Daniel Parsons

Santa Barbara, CA


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  • Hi Daniel… Yes I’ve been Sleepless in Apollo .. LOL This company has really given us the best tools,resources and products to work with. The products are effective and the Global One Up System along with the Free Tea Giveaway allows anyone who wants to work and make money in the wellness industry the ability to get started at a very affordable price. A great way to share good health and the wealth.

    • Yes Barbara! When I wrapped my mind around attracting other serious marketers into this incredible business, I had my moment of clarity. So many people, myself included, walk around in lack and have not realized that there is unlimited potential in all of us.

      I have learned that if I focus on what is in front of me, and believe I can achieve success, the actions to succeed will come automatically. What we think about becomes reality. If I think I will succeed, success comes. If I think I will fail, guess what? I won’t succeed.

  • Adding a link into the blog post. Did not realize there was not one there.
    Join the Whole Wellness Club

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