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Natural Healing Steps for Cancer

Natural Healing Steps for Cancer

Welcome to my Natural Healing Steps for Cancer blog post.

It seems like everyday now I hear about someone I personally know or read about a social media connection that has been diagnosed with cancer. One hundred years ago, one in ten people would be diagnosed with cancer. In 2013, one out of two people will deal with cancer in their lifetime. What happened?

Natural Healing Steps for CancerIn 1910, Americans consumed about 4 pounds of sugar every year. Many people had jobs that required physical exertion. Many people had small farms and just about everyone that didn’t live in the cities grew gardens of fresh fruits and vegetables. There were no processed foods. People cooked 3 meals at home each day.

Families ate breakfast and dinner together. I even remember working hard on my neighbor’s farm one day when I was about 12 years old. We had a large breakfast and then went out and worked on fencing.

My neighbor’s grandmother called us in at noon to eat a hot plate of vegetables and meatloaf with some homemade cornbread. Of course we had some apple pie for dessert. Those three square home cooked meals were much better as far as providing the body with nutrients than the fast food meals people consume today.

In today’s world, people consume about 4 pounds of sugar every single week. I have seen people eat the following food in a 24 hour period:

Natural Healing Steps for CancerBreakfast was grabbed at a donut shop. Before I lost 70 pounds in 2000 and began my quest for better health, I really liked grabbing some maple bars and a large cup of coffee for breakfast.

Lunch was a Double Burger with french fries and a large soda.

Supper was a pizza delivered to your home so you could sit on the couch and watch sports.

I have left out any reference to any specific business or brand name to prevent any slander or backlash from people that may own stock in companies that are in the fast food industry.

I am upset. People get trapped into this hurry up fast paced environment and get addicted to all the fat, salt, and sugar that is in fast foods and in processed foods. The end result is disease and illness. A long time Naturopathic Doctor that I know states that People don’t catch or get Cancer, Diabetes, or Heart Disease. They earn these diseases through lifestyle choices.

The next step most people take once they are diagnosed with Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease is a trip to the family doctor. Many doctors are excellent health care providers. I do not want to slander or demeanor the medical profession in anyway. I just want to voice my concern.

Natural Healing Steps for CancerNatural Healing Steps for Cancer is a way for cancer patients to learn everything they can to help themselves deal with the diagnosis.

I personally know Doctors that will not have anything to do with medical conventions or trips that are sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Drug Industry. There was a report on tonight’s PBS News Hour about how Doctors are given meals and entertained at places like Hooters by marketers from the Pharmaceutical Drug Industry.

Pharmaceutical drugs treat the underlying symptoms of disease and illness. Many of these drugs are toxic. The drugs will cause further harm to your health. Getting to the root cause of what made a person get a disease is the solution. The best diagnosis is to prescribe a total lifestyle change. If done gradually right away, the body many times has the ability to reverse these illnesses.

Natural Healing Steps for Cancer

1. Eat Foods As Grown

2. Eliminate Animal Products

3. Eat Plant Based Diet

4. Brisk 30 Minute Walk Daily

5. Drink Pure Water

6. Fresh Air & Sunshine

7. Pray for Healing

8. Use Meditation

9. Detox the Body

10. Supplement with Whole Food Supplements That Boost Bodies Immune System

caldera greensThe canisters of Organic Greens in the photo are nutrient dense whole food products that you can easily add to your morning fruit smoothie to give you body abundant energy for the day.

Just clink on the picture to learn more!

Be aware that I am not a licensed medical provider and my FDA disclaimer is found on the bottom of all my websites pages. I have had excellent results with fitness & wellness and promote products & services that I believe in. By taking effective action and using common sense, I am prescription free and living an abundant life of wellness.

Your Partner in Success!

Daniel Parsons


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  • Hello Daniel, Life has changed dramatically as compared to what life was like a long time ago. Many people do not have physical work especially in cities and life is so busy that we don’t even think of exercise or eating healthy after a long busy day.

    • Hello Lorna,
      Great observation! I worked jobs that required me to be on my feet all day for many years and then injured my back working in the airline business. Once I went through physical therapy, I decided to keep up my exercise program! I am glad I did as it only takes an hour for me to take very good care of myself on a daily basis. Giving up one hour of mindless television for my health was an easy thing to do. Now I rarely watch television as I have found more rewarding things to do with my time, like building blogs to help people get well!

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