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Whole Wellness Club Commissions

Today is Tuesday, 4. May 2010 and the Whole Wellness Club has paid
the April commissions to the members. The commission statements were
ready on the 2nd day of the month and all members that have a Global
Cash Card can now withdraw their earnings from their Mastercard debit

I have been involved with many businesses and worked in the
corporate world for many years. I have never seen a company that is so
good to its members. Whole Wellness Club is the place to be.

Check out my website and see for yourself: Whole Wellness Club

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  • I totally agree with you. I’ve never worked with a company like The Whole Wellness Club before. Early fast commissions..no waiting..fast discounted shipping..and every change has been for the better of the distributors. It is a shame that so many people fall for the flash and hype of so many other mlm companies. But it is all a journey and learning experience. Healthy Blessings, Barbara Arbster 🙂

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