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Here are some excerpts from a motivational speaker that I recently heard.

1. How to Create Wealth:
Give other people more value than they asked for!
Savor the Wanting as Much as the Having!
Figure Out Who Your Are!
Do What You Love and You Will Bring Money into Your Life!
Money is Math. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity!

2. Take Action Now!
Deal with What Emerges!
Be Moldable Talent!
No Longer Be a Victim! Be a Victor!
If nothing changes, nothing changes!
In order for things to change-you must change!
What Is Highest and Best Use of My Time?
Avoid Minimum Wage Activities! (MWA)
Reality is Created by Validation!

3. Communication equals Wealth!
a) Inner-communication called programming runs through our brain.
In Communication you get back what you send out! ASK Questions!
Stop Worrying about What Others Think! What You Focus On Expands!
Those That Think Govern Those That Labor!

b) Outward communication is called influence.
You must understand Irresistible Influence!
Ability to Get Someone Else to Ask You to Sell to Them!
Influence is not getting someone else to say yes but getting someone else to ask you for what you are selling and have them believe it was their idea.

4. Three Tools for Anything!
a. Self Mastery – Business is Great – I Am Growing – Claim God’s Prosperity
b. Proper Tools
c. Ability to Take Action in the Present Moment

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