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Did you know there are over 2 billion people using the Internet now?
The growth rate is close to 20 % so tens of thousands of new users get online each day. There are over 10,000 people that turn 65 years old each day in North America. What if you could attract these people into an excellent business opportunity?

Ask yourself this question: “Am I ready to take action to succeed?”

Timing is everything. Move too early or too late and the chances for success diminish. But what is the right time? Is it right now?

We can help you answer that question. If you answer TRUE to 5 of the following 6 questions, then the timing is right for you and you need to get busy with the Whole Wellness Club immediately.

1. I wish to rely on my own skills and abilities to support myself and my family, rather than depend on an employer who may not have my best long term goals in mind.

2. I am tired of the Banks, Wall Street and Corporate America telling me what I can’t do while they are creating record profits for themselves.

3. I want to experience more of the “have’s” and worry less about life as a “have-not.”

4. I want to participate in the movement to redistribute some of the 99% of wealth that finds its way into 1% of the pockets.

5. I will do my small part to create a big effort to provide a massive change in our team’s future.

6. I understand that the future does not equal the past and that I have as much right to prosper in life as anyone.

If the time is right for you, we invite you to join our Take Action Committee. We only have room for about 150 members so if you want to maximize the possibilities with the Whole Wellness Club immediately, we welcome your participation on this team. You will be the first to hear about and test opportunities and will be the first in line to succeed.

A global debt free company based in the USA since 2007 has your answer. Get More Details Below:

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  • Elena Anne

    This is an interesting list that you’ve compiled to encourage people to take action. While it is nice to have the freedom of being self-employed, it is not always the best option. Taxes for self-employed are higher and it takes a lot of work and effort. Corporate America also provides jobs to millions. Without them many people would be unemployed. Sometimes it is good to be thankful for the corporations.

    • Hello Elena,
      You brought up a valid point. Self-employment has its perks and working for a corporation has its benefits. I contributed into Alaska Airlines 401-K plan for years and the company matched my $1 contribution with 50 cents worth of stock. That match was free money that compounded. Plus I got paid to take vacations every year. At this point in my life I much prefer being self-employed because now I can make money from my business while I am out playing golf during the day.

  • Internet is a great way to get a small business opportunity. I have read your all questions and I think I will join the Whole Wellness Club. I have found many options on internet to start small business and earn money. Thanks for your information about opportunity knocks and create a small business.

    • Hello Brain,
      Whole Wellness Club is in its sixth year now. Global company and the products help people with common health issues. You can listen to our conference today over the internet at this site:
      Opportunity to Earn Money

  • Johnie Lov

    I like it. Direct to the point and based on reality! I have given up on my day job a long time ago. From earning four digits from my day job, now I am at 6 digits and moving forward. And I never looked back!

    • Hello Johnie,
      Having a home based business is very wise in today’s global world. I do business with people all over the world. The internet opened borders and made ecommerce available to everyone with an internet connection. Be wise and do research and you will find a great company to work with like I have. My main income source is from a global company that started in 2007.

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