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Dr. Chappell’s “Know Your Options Health Series”

Whole Wellness Club has a mission of optimizing your overall health and well-being. Whole Wellness Club is free to join. You can become a member for free. Membership allows you to buy our natural health products at wholesale pricing. Just sign up as a preferred customer on one of our members websites displayed on the Info page in our Facebook Whole Wellness Club Group.

Our spokespeople include Dr. James Chappell.

Dr James Chappell, the company spokesperson for Coral Complex 3 and Cinnamon 6, is a modern-day naturopath who shares many of these same traditional views with us. He has a PhD in clinical nutrition, is a doctor of chiropractic and naturopathy, and a certified medical herbalist. He has 39 years experience in Naturopathic Healing. He is available for questions on our Wednesday night conference calls. Here is our library of recorded calls, just click on the topic you want to hear:

Adopt an Attitude for Wellness


Amino Acids – Should You Take Amino Acids Isolates?

Attitude of Gratitude

Benefits of Fasting

Benefits of Organic Vitamin D3

Blood Impurities

Blood Sugar Diabetes

Brief 15 Minute Call with Chuck Dhuey about PEAK Enzymes


Detoxifying the Body from Toxins & Constipation

Efficient Path to $5,000 per Month by Sharing a Good Thing!

Endocrine System – Hormonal Imbalance & the Adrenal Glands

Enzymes and Your Health

Enzyme Formulator & World Class Athlete Troy Aupperle on Peak Enzymes

Eye-Opening Movie “Food, Inc” Educate Yourself about Frankenfood!

Fantastic Call with Troy

Gain from Dr. Chappell’s Expertise as A Chiropractor

Harmful Inorganic Salt & How Your Internal Sodium / Potassium Pump Works

Heart Disease

Heavy Metal Toxicity

How to Keep on Keeping On

Is It Possible to Die of Natural Causes at an Early Age?


Sleep Apnea


The No Diet – Diet

Truth About Natural Healing – Do You Need Clinical Studies?

Why Do We Need Minerals?

Yeast & Fungus

Your Body is the Best Healer of Itself – Dr. Chappell Had a Case of Food Poisoning

You can come to our Wednesday night conference calls and ask Dr. Chappell a question about health. Just dial 1-775-335-3180 or 206-402-0100 and enter bridge # 530312 and the pound ( # ) sign when prompted. The call is every Wednesday night at 10:00 Eastern time unless we are on a holiday.

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  • Dr. Chappell has such and easy to understand way of explaining natural health. I just love listening to him and always come away from his calls with a better understanding of what is good or bad for our health and how the body functions. Posting all these call recordings was an excellent idea ! Healthy Blessings, Barbara Arbster

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