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Diabetes and Obesity Leads to Death

Diabetes and Obesity Leads to Death

Welcome to my Diabetes and Obesity Leads to Death post.

Diabetes and Obesity Leads to DeathI am rather upset. America has had some really great changes through the years and some that are leading to health epidemics. I am a child of the 1960’s and our mother had to call us inside to eat supper every evening and then again when it got dark. We never wanted to be sitting down in front of an electronic device or television. Our lives were spent outside exploring the neighborhood. We played with our friends. Pick up games of kickball and softball were common during the warmer months of the year.

Diabetes and Obesity Leads to DeathDid you know that 1 out of 5 children are obese?

Did you know that type 2 Diabetes is increasing in children at an alarming rate?

By the year 2030, 1 out of every 3 people in North America will have Diabetes.

Here is how this epidemic got started and has flourished. I am just writing what I thought about the situation from my own personal life experience.

  • In the 1960’s Fast Food Restaurants Appeared
  • Mothers Took Jobs Outside the Home
  • Families Slowly Quit Eating Home Cooked Meals at the Dinner Table
  • Color Televisions Became Affordable for Most Homes
  • Super Sized Meals and Big Gulp Sugary Soft Drinks at Fast Food Restaurants
  • Technology Devices and Game Boys Keep People Occupied on a Couch

Diabetes and Obesity Leads to DeathWhen someone sits in front of a television for extended periods of time, their creative abilities are diminished. The viewers are bombarded by advertisements for double bacon cheeseburgers with french fries and a big gulp sugary drink. So the person loses their critical thinking ability and becomes a slave to satisfy the cravings for fat and sugar that the fast food industry has in the foods these fast food companies sell.

The end result is a person that becomes dependent on the next powerful segment of society. The fast food industry now hands the obese person that either has diabetes or is pre-diabetic over to the pharmaceutical drug industry. People die from being overweight and from having diabetes.

Now the orthodox medical community practices good medicine to try and keep the diabetic from suffering from serious issues like blindness, kidney failure, loss of limbs and other health issues. The patient now will be on medication to keep the blood sugar stable for many years. There is a better way. I am glad I got the message that Diabetes and Obesity Leads to Death and made the changes in my life.

Did you know that eating a diet that is plant based and getting daily exercise has been proven to reverse diabetes and heart disease? I am so thankful that I had my own epiphany back in 1998 after I had eliminated cigarette smoking from my habits. I was able to lose the 70 excess pounds I was carrying around. I have since removed all poor dietary choices and only drink pure water and eat vegan recipes. I have not struggled with weight since 1998.

I woke up in time to complete a Bachelors Degree in an excellent University. Studying in college opened my mind up. I do still enjoy a few programs that are on PBS. You can also stream excellent programs on Roku. I finally cut the cord and eliminated cable television. I limit my Roku viewing to programs where I can learn something from the show. I would rather sit with a classic book than watch television.

  • Enjoy spending an hour a day doing some form of physical activity
  • Enjoy fixing home cooked vegan meals that taste great
  • Enjoy reading books that I learn something that I did not know before
  • Enjoy looking and feeling great as I age
  • Enjoy having a positive outlook on life
  • Enjoy not being a slave to fast food industry or pharmaceutical drug industry

Are you ready to get moving? There are plenty of recipes available on my blog here:

Healthy Living

Can you open up a few minutes of your busy day to start taking better care of yourself? If you don’t take care of you, who will?

Check out a valuable resource I found that helps me burn calories even while I am sitting here typing into my blog:

Fitness Is for Everyone

Ever notice all the alcohol commercials on television during sports broadcasts? The companies selling alcohol portray alcohol as a way for people to have fun. Ask the people that are permanently injured due to an accident caused while under the influence of alcohol if they are having fun.

With 1 out of 10 people that begin drinking developing a dependency on alcohol, it is wise to leave alcohol alone. I go for morning walks and see the street people that are homeless due to a substance abuse problem or mental health condition. I am sure they are not having fun dealing with life without a home.

Diabetes and Obesity Leads to DeathAlcohol is high in calories and there is no nutritional benefit. Alcohol dehydrates the body. Drink pure water and your body will function at its best. Water helps move nutrition through the blood to the cells and also rids the body of cell waste.

Be aware that I am not a licensed medical provider and my FDA disclaimer is found on the bottom right of all my websites pages. I have had excellent results with fitness & wellness and promote products & services that I believe in. By taking effective action and using common sense, I am prescription free and living an abundant life of wellness. I do hope you have learned something from my Diabetes and Obesity Leads to Death post.

Your Partner in Success!

Daniel Parsons

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  • It is a shame how many people suffer with diabetes and so many more are headed that way. A few simple changes in eating habits and being more active would really help this epidemic. People need to recognize this and start a better self care regimen for themselves and their families. Modern technology has also contributed to children being less active. Eliminate the sugar, limit the tv & games and more physical activity !!

    Healthy Blessings,
    Barbara Arbster

    • Hello Barbara,
      It doesn’t take that much more effort to buy and make healthy food than it does to eat an unhealthy diet. Setting a time to go exercise everyday is also not hard when you make up your mind that you are going to do something about your health. If I don’t take care of my health, no one else will.

  • Disney has just announced that junk food advertisements will no longer be allowed on Disney television channels. The move is under way now. By saying no to unhealthy foods, consumers can vote with their pocket books. Healthy foods are already available in grocery stores. Just buy foods that don’t have nutrition labels. You will find them in the produce section of your grocery store.

  • Neil

    Great post Daniel, it is good for people to get a wake up call like this. I am sure that many other countries face similar health issues. Life is precious and we should all strive to live more healthy. We must also shine the light for other people.

    • Hello Neil,
      It upsets me that hundreds of millions of people are being brain washed into fast food which will lead to disease and then a dependency on pharmaceutical drugs. Many illnesses and diseases can be reversed and prevented by watching what we put inside of our bodies.

  • Hi Daniel, nice to see you again. Your childhood is similar to mine. Our health is a treasure so we must keep and protect it properly. I agree with your opinion and I myself some times eat junk foods such as burgers, sugary drinks and some fried foods easily. It’s easy to get sick but it’s hard to keep healthy (without healthy eating habits and proper exercises).

    • Hello Win,
      As long as you eat a healthy diet most of the time, you will not have too many problems with your health. I am the kind of person that does not know when to stop so as long as I don’t buy the unhealthy foods, I am fine. I have not ingested any animal products since 2006 that I know of. If I go to a potluck, sometimes there can be things that I don’t normally eat.

  • Claire

    This is a great article, it will serve as a wake up call to the readers how they can take care of their health… Sometimes, it is so hard to follow the right thing especially things that can make us healthy. More people are blinded with their wants of the fast foods, not realizing how it can damage their healthy diet and healthy living. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hello Claire,
      Maintaining a healthy diet does take some discipline. I know I feel better as a result of staying focused on proper eating habits so that is my payoff. Instead of instant gratification I can look forward to many long healthy years. I played golf with a man in his early 80’s yesterday. I am sure he has a healthy diet!

  • Neil

    Yes Daniel, it is amazing how advertising affects people in such a powerful way. Perhaps fruit and vegetable stores should come up with ways to motivate children to eat fruit and vegetables. Great news about Disney though.

    • Hello Neil,
      One solution is for people to avoid television and enjoy outdoor activities. Marketing messages will change as consumers stop buying unhealthy foods and beverages. I have noticed that the health food section of the grocery store keeps growing.
      If you have a problem with drinking sodas and eating chips, don’t walk down those aisles in the grocery store.The movement is on to help people realize that their choices each day determine their health. My oldest sister said her youngest son does not like to eat vegetables. I can pray for him and one day he may decide to start eating a healthier diet.

  • Neil

    That is a great idea. The thing is to discipline people to do this. I do feel encouraged that more people are becoming aware of the need for good nutrition. It is frightening to know that it is estimated that by 2015, 2.3 billion people will be overweight and 700 million of these people will be obese. Kudos to you for sharing this information as slowly but surely people will become educated on the need for good nutrition and supplementation.

  • You have shared really useful information. Health is important for every person and so it’s better to start some exercise and eat healthy food. I can understand future health problem with diabetes. In past, there are fewer patients suffered from this disease but now it increased. I have read your information about future in 2030. It’s really dangerous for human. Thanks for giving tips and details about diabetes.

  • Johnie Lov

    That is really we all should be concerned about. Health is wealth and should be kept that way. I think that the society has to change at some point, but how?

    • Hello Johnie,
      With the power of social media, we can all learn to take better care of ourselves. People that want to live longer will eat a healthy diet and do some weight bearing exercises to keep their muscles toned and strong. Walking 30 minutes a day also helps keep people from having mental, emotional and physical health issues.

  • Wade

    Great post Daniel. It amazes me how so many people do not have quality of life as a priority in their lives. All the possessions in the world are meaningless without good health. We all need to beat the drum of good health so that people can enjoy good health just like we do.

    • Hello Wade,
      You are right. It only takes me one hour at most to take care of my physical health with exercise. I gave up many television programs that were time wasters and spend the time improving myself. Once I learned how to make healthy meals, I found that I actually enjoy doing the food prep. It is a form of art and helps with my creative nature. We all have creative skills inside of us waiting to be utilized. Some of my realizations came after listening to a friend from South Africa that shared a meditation file with me.

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