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Take Time to Play

Time Freedom

take time to playDid you take time to play today ? Today was a sunny and warm day in Southern California. I had some business to tend to in the San Fernando Valley. I decided that I would wake up early and go walk 18 holes of golf before my appointment. Golf courses are not as crowded on the weekdays. The greens fees are also more affordable. It felt great to be outdoors enjoying the incredible game of golf today. How can you also gain your own time freedom?

home based businessDid you know that over 35 million people work from their home office? When you have a home based business, you set your hours. Time freedom is a benefit of being an entrepreneur. Learn more by dialing 559-726-1259 for more details on how to earn money from home. I have a couple of income streams working from my home in Santa Barbara.

My passion in life is fitness and wellness so I help people improve their health and wellness. I get paid commissions on my efforts. That means I can wake up in the morning and see sales that have come in overnight. I found a great company to work as an affiliate. We get paid early in the month.

The Marketing industry has much opportunity available. Our company owner in the Whole Wellness Club choses not to spend money on advertising the companies product line. Chuck chose a compensation plan that rewards people with residual income. That means that if someone reads some of my websites and purchases products, I will earn a commission. The world is global now so when I am sleeping, it is daytime over in Asia. When someone in Singapore buys Whole Wellness Club products from my affiliate website, I earn the commission.

If you are ready to start earning money while you sleep or earn money while walking 18 holes of golf, visit my website and call me to join our conference calls that are held each week!

Whole Wellness Club

Parsons Marketing

360-383-0265 Pacific Weekdays

Skype: missionarydanielparsons

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  • Pete

    I like to see articles like this, I am also an entrepreneur and work hard to stay in business for myself. How has affiliate marketing worked for you?

    • Hello Pete,
      Having your own business is powerful. I remember my high school teacher mentioned that most people go to work for an employer. He said that if you are creative, you can become an entrepreneur and open up a whole new world. I mainly participate in network marketing and I have built a loyal customer base for products that I use to stay young and healthy. The industry has been very good to me. I recommend our Detox Cash cycler program as it has a simple 2 x 2 base and the product is the Detox tea. One time offer makes the program easy to refer others to and unlock an unlimited supply of our detox tea.
      Detox Cash

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