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Why is Obesity an Epidemic ?

Had a great summer Sunday on 16. August 2009 and went to a picnic on Lake Padden in Whatcom County, Washington. I decided to do some observing and will share some thoughts about a serious problem we all face in the world today.

People like to grill meat outside in the summer. They also like to eat potato chips and other food items that are loaded with sugar like cake, pies, chocolate and candy. I noticed that people that were overweight were eating hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips. They also went back for seconds. Why are they needing to eat so much?

The reason is nutrition. Our body tells us we are hungry when in fact we are starving for nutrients. You cannot get nutrition from eating dead animal products that are loaded with nitrates. The body needs nutrients that fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and whole grains have. This group of overweight people also were drinking sodas all day. Soda has acid in it. Just read the label. This acid causes disease over time. So the overweight group of people are eating dead food with no nutrition and then they drink a beverage loaded with acid. This is inviting serious illness into the body. Time will tell.

There was another group of people that chose the vegetable platters and salads. The people eating these foods were proper weight. They also were drinking water. I did not see any of these people continually going back for seconds and thirds. This tells me that their bodies were getting nutrients from the food they ate.

Most of the people that ate the unhealthy food sat on the ground or in their chairs and enjoyed being outside on such a nice summer day. The lake is very scenic and we worship the outdoors here in Washington in the summer. I asked if anyone wanted to play softball and not one of the overweight crowd came along. We managed to get a softball game going with the younger people and several folks in their 50’s who have taken care of themselves. I fall into that later category and do exercises each morning to stay in shape and to be able to run on short notice. Hamstring stretches are wise to do all year as well as sit-ups and push ups.

How can we get the word out to the group that is overweight that eating dead animals that have nitrates in the food is unhealthy? How can we tell them that drinking several cans of acidic soda each day will ruin their health?


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