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Get Real Balance

Get Real Balance

Get Real Balance Is a Company That Markets Real Water Concentrate. Real Water Concentrate Is a Product that allows people to create a bio available alkaline water that has a negative ionic charge. People notice a difference when drinking this water that helps your body deal with free radical damage.

The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States of America. I am a master distributor and I am searching for leaders that want to build a lucrative home based business.

There are many advantages to joining as a Leader.

Get Real BalanceAs a Leader, you receive the following Leadership Package to start your business with powerful momentum.

The key to success in any business that offers products or services is to be a product of the product. Your own testimony is powerful when it comes to referral marketing.

1. 10 Bottles of Real Water Concentrate 4 Ounce Solution

2. Milwaukee MW 500 ORP Meter

3. pH Test Kit

4. Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water Book by Bob McCauley

5. The 10X Rule Book by Grant Cardone

6. Alkaline Chart

Binary Compensation Plan

Get Real BalanceThe company is offering the product at the following prices.

A Customer may purchase a bottle of the Real Water Concentrate for $39.95.

Customers also may purchase 3 bottles at the price of $100.

Distributors will need to purchase $100 of product to earn money in the binary pay plan. Your team volume will be calculated as dollar for dollar which simplifies the pay plan. You will need to have $100 of volume to participate in the income plan each month. There will be a weekly pay plan as well.

The best feature of being a Leader is that you earn in the Bonus Pools. If you are serious about making a living, the only option for you is to join as a Leader. The option to become a Leader will be offered to customers once the business opens.

Get Real BalanceThe Innovators that recently met in Las Vegas, Nevada to form the company envision Get Real Balance to be a powerful way to empower people.

Everything is in place for success. The product is something that everyone needs.

The facility has been producing a ready made Alkaline Water That Has a Negative Ionic Charge for many years now. You can walk into Whole Foods markets today and purchase a liter sized bottle of the Real Water.

Get Real BalanceThe management of Get Real Balance has many years experience in the referral marketing industry. All of us involved with the company are ready to start working with you today.

My team will be leading web conferences and also offer dial in conference calls to help you build your team. That is me standing to the left of Aimee and Brent Jones at the Innovators Meeting in Las Vegas.

I started in the Referral Marketing industry back in 2005. My education continues today and I am a 2005 Graduate of Washington State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics.

Here is how to get started as a Leader. Go To the Website Below.

Get Real Balance

You are referred by Daniel Parsons.

My User Name Is ‘Water’

Contact Me with any questions you may have. We will contact you after you fill out the form on the Get Real Balance website.

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