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testimony maker

Whole Wellness Club has created an incredible Testimony Maker package of products that gives the new person results. They will experience cleansing, more energy and stamina. People feel good on our high quality products. New members can be qualified to earn commissions by generating as little as $40 of personal volume.  This can be accomplished by making your own purchase or by acquiring Retail or Preferred Customers.

When you make your first purchase with the Whole Wellness Club, you have a one-time opportunity to save $77 over wholesale prices by purchasing the Testimony Maker Package.  When you experience the products in this package, you will most assuredly have a testimony.  You will be able to tell other people about the tangible results you experienced.

The Testimony Maker package includes:

Caldera Greens Capsules

Cinnamon 6

Coral Complex 3

Peak Enzymes “With” and “Without”

The Perfect Grape

VelociTea ( 4 sealed packages )

The package is a $276 value for only $199.  It carries $200 of commissionable volume with it so the sponsor receives $100 and the Supervisor receives $20 instantly and infinitely deep.

Your new members should select the Join for Free as a DISTRIBUTOR so they can earn the Fast Start and other commission bonuses. This is one of the options at the bottom of the sign up page on your affilate site.

Once the verify their information is correct, they will be directed to the shopping cart. The second item listed is the Testimony Maker package for $199. This includes all of our consumable products except for our pH Control spray. The shipping charge is $16.95 for orders shipped to the USA for a one time total of $215.95. Shipping to Canada may be higher and overseas shipments are more expensive. Your new members will never have to pay for their health products again as they will earn money and have funds in their commission account to purchase additional products for the next month. Sales Tax is charged in Wisconsin where the company is headquartered. All other states do not collect sales tax at this time.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that the new member not leave the page when seeing the Testimony Maker package because the company loses money on the offer and it is a ONE TIME OFFER ONLY for new members.

The Testimony Maker Package is the professional way to build your business!

Join the Whole Wellness Club today to improve your health and wealth!

Whole Wellness Club

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  • This is a powerful way to introduce people to the incredible Whole Wellness Club opportunity. The new member gets an experience using the product line, feels more energy, is rewarded with $100 for each person that they share this with and builds a lifetime income. Thanks to our company owners for allowing us to bring this opportunity to people!

  • Barbara Arbster

    Wow, this package is exceptional.  You can’t go wrong for the number of products at that price.  This is an excellent way to get started on all the products and/or in the business. 

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