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pH Control

pH Control

Do you know anyone with bronchitis, breathing problems, lung cancer, asthma, copd, or any other respiratory issues? There is hope. The Whole Wellness Club has a break through technology with its pH Control spray product. This product has been available in Europe since 1985.

Dial 559-726-1259 and enter box 7 to hear Dr. Markowitz explain how the pH Control spray is foundational to good health. The recorded call is available 24 hours a day.

Whole Wellness Club is the source for the pH Control product here in North America and in other parts of the world outside of Europe.

pH Control is a 4.3 fluid ounce bottle that contains vitamins and amino acids that help your body increase its glutathione level. Glutathione is a master antioxidant that helps slow down the aging process. Our body’s glutathione level starts to decline around age 20.

Triple Impact pH Control product is now available to members. Boost your immune system and help your body achieve an alkaline balance. Our body oscillates between an acidic and an alkaline balance. By supplementing with pH Control, you can keep that balance from going acidic.

WWC hired Dr. David M. Markowitz of Kennebunkport, Maine to conduct an efficacy study with the Triple Impact pH product. Dr. Markowitz is a pediatric oncologist. Asthma patients had incredible healing results using this product.

Use 6 sprays in back of mouth and inhale deeply with each spray, 4 times a day. Use separately from food and snacks.

SHAKE BEFORE USE! It is recommended to expel air from the lungs. Then, while inhaling, press the dispenser down, focusing on getting the dispenser tube close to the throat. Inhale as much as possible and retain the air for a few seconds. Repeat operation up to 6 sprays.Triple Impact pH Control has the following ingredients:






Green Tea

Aloe Vera

Grapefruit Seed Extract


Royal Jelly


Bilberries or Blueberries

Soy Extract

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

You can go to my website below and find information about the healing properties these natural substances are known for and the research that has been done. Just register as a Preferred Customer for free in the Whole Wellness Club:

Learn More About pH Control

Listen to these recorded conference calls with Dr. David Markowitz explaining how the pH Control helps people with breathing problems:

Dr. Markowitz pH Control Conference Calls

To order the 4.23 ounce or 125 ml pH Control from my secure Square payment processor, just click the image below and fill out the order form. I will be alerted of the order and get your product shipped anywhere in North America within one business day.
pH Control on Square Market

If there are any problems, please contact me!


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  • Cheesa

    Read a post that was all about this low pH solution which can inhibit bacterial growth on your lungs and even clears up obstruction over your air passage ways. It promotes great effective healing but it’s just that there’s no further studies about the adverse effect of this inhaling spray.

    • There are some studies that were conducted by Doctors in Spain. There are NO side effects from using this spray because the ingredients are natural.

      • Cheesa

        I am very much happy you have given me a link. I am now enlightened. I think I would agree on you on the safety of this one. No adverse effects, was researching in the net and found out the positive outlook of some people’s reviews.
        Thanks Daniel, I appreciate your concern regarding your opinion.

        Happy Day,
        Cheesa 🙂

  • Hi Daniel,

    Once more I found useful information from you, I never knew about pH Control. Thanks much. At least with this product asthmatics have a hope of recovery. I’ll check your link to get more information.

    • Win,

      pH control is great for people with breathing problems. It is also an excellent way to add the master antioxidant ‘Glutathione’ to your body in a most effective manner. By breathing the spray into your lungs, you get the nutrients directly into the blood stream.

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