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Muscadine Grape

Muscadine Grape


Welcome to my Muscadine Grape page where people can learn about the powerful perfect grape that is grown in the United States. Muscadine grapes are nature’s perfect grape to support good health and are the number one source for antioxidants and resveratrol to fight against the effects of free radicals. Health-enhancing compounds found in muscadine grape seeds are ellagic acid, anthocyanins, and oligomeric procyanidins (OPCs).

This website has a PDF file detailing the Perfect Grape product. Just click below.

Muscadine Grape

muscadine grapeMuscadine grapes have been studied to be beneficial for skin, eye, heart, bone, joint and prostate health, fatigue, headaches, menopause, anti-aging, and blood sugar. Dr. Herrington of Wake Forest School of Medicine did a study in 2009 and reported about the benefits of the Muscadine Grape Seed product.

I have a short voice recording on my Simple Voice Center explaining the benefits of using the Premium Muscadine Grape product. Just dial 559-726-1259 enter box 8 any time to listen to the recording.

Read the following article that was recently published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Breaking News on Supplements & Nutrition – North America

Resveratrol shows anti-diabetes potential: Study

By Stephen Daniells, 21-Apr-2011

Related topics: Antioxidants, Carotenoids, Phytochemicals, Plant Extracts, Diabetes, Research

Daily supplements of resveratrol may improve how the human body responds to insulin, the hormone responsible for sugar and fat metabolism, Hungarian researchers report for the first time.

According to findings published in the British Journal of Nutrition, a daily 10 milligram dose of resveratrol was associated with reductions in insulin resistance in type-2 diabetics.

“Whether resveratrol (or some of its future derivatives) becomes a useful tool in combating type 2 diabetes is difficult to tell, although the fact that recent studies (including the present study) have demonstrated that the efficacy of resveratrol at low doses might increase the possibility for its medicinal application,” report researchers from the University of Pécs.

“On the other hand, the present study definitely suggests that resveratrol could become a useful tool in gaining a deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying the development of insulin resistance and oxidative stress.”

Resveratrol’s Rosy Potential

Resveratrol, a powerful polyphenol and anti-fungal chemical, is often touted as the bioactive compound in grapes and red wine, and has particularly been associated with the so-called ‘French Paradox’. The phrase, coined in 1992 by Dr Serge Renaud from Bordeaux University, describes the low incidence of heart disease and obesity among the French, despite their relatively high-fat diet and levels of wine consumption.

Interest in the compound exploded in 2003 when research from David Sinclair and his team from Harvard reported that resveratrol was able to increase the lifespan of yeast cells. The research, published in Nature, was greeted with international media fanfare and ignited flames of hope for an anti-ageing pill.

According to Sinclair’s findings, resveratrol could activate a gene called sirtuin1 (Sirt1 – the yeast equivalent was Sir2), which is also activated during calorie restriction in various species, including monkeys.

Since then studies in nematode worms, fruit flies, fish, and mice have linked resveratrol to longer lives. Other studies with only resveratrol have reported anti-cancer effects, anti-inflammatory effects, cardiovascular benefits, anti-diabetes potential, energy endurance enhancement, and protection against Alzheimer’s.

New Data

The Hungarian researchers recruited 19 people type-2 diabetics and randomly assigned them to receive either resveratrol supplements (two 5 milligram doses from Argina Nutraceuticals, Hungary) or placebo for four weeks.

Results showed that after four weeks of resveratrol supplementation, the participants showed a significant decrease in insulin resistance, compared to the placebo group.

In terms of a potential mode of action for the polyphenol, the researchers noted that this may be related to its antioxidant activity, because oxidative stress is “widely accepted” as a key driver in the onset of insulin resistance.

There is also the possibility that resveratrol’s potential benefits are linked to its ability to activate Akt phosphorylation – an intracellular insulin dependent protein that facilitates the uptake of glucose into cells. Indeed, an increase in the levels of phosphorylated Akt (activated) to Akt was observed.

“The present study shows for the first time that resveratrol improves insulin sensitivity in humans, which might be due to a resveratrol-induced decrease in oxidative stress that leads to a more efficient insulin signalling via the Akt pathway,” concluded the researchers.

Source: British Journal of Nutrition

Muscadine Grape Testimonials

A long time friend called me today! He has had diabetes and high blood sugar. He started using the Perfect Grape product that is available to Whole Wellness Club members. John said he checked his blood sugar and it was down to 186. This is the lowest reading he has had in years.

Another member called into the company conference call and said she was able to get out of her wheelchair and start walking again after using the product. Please share your testimony with us about the results you are getting from using the Perfect Grape and I will update this page over time.

Barbara shared: I love all the products but have to tell you, I used to have sinus problems and infections. Since I’ve been taking Perfect Grape I have not had any more…. and then I know I’m getting great anti aging antioxidants also.

Do you know anyone that is diabetic? Did you know there are alternatives to medications to bring blood sugar levels down? Find out more on my Whole Wellness Club pages on this site. There is a menu at the top.

Whole Wellness Club Products

You can also listen to this powerful call that Dr. Chappell recorded about the Muscadine Grape product. You can fast forward to the 32 minute mark where the discussion is specific to the product.

Dr. Chappell Talks About Muscadine Grape

There are 25 pounds of Muscadine Grapes in each bottle of the Perfect Grape. That means that each veggie capsule contains a little more than 0.4 pounds of muscadine grapes.


As a dietary supplement for adults take 2 capsules per day. Children as directed by physician. Keep out of reach of children. DO NOT USE if seal is broken or damaged. Store in cool dry place.


muscadine-grape100% pure and natural Muscadine grape seeds, skin, and pulp. Contains no artificial colors or additives. No alcohol or chemical extractions were used in processing.


Serving size: 1 capsule Servings Per Bottle: 60 ORAC Value per daily serving: 831u/mole TE/g

The company announced today that the new muscadine grape seed extract product will be called Perfect Grape.

Here are some of the health benefits of using a product high in resveratrol:

1. Anti-aging

2. Helps body fight bacterial infections

3. Helps body fight cancer

4. Helps cardiovascular health

5. Helps endocrine system and your hormone levels

You have a couple of options for ordering the Perfect Grape product.

You can purchase the product through my Square secure  payment processor. Click on the bottle below, fill out the order form with your address and Square will alert me and  I will get your product shipped right away!

Muscadine Grape Seed on Square Market

You can also register your own account for free in the Whole Wellness Club by going to my website below:

Join the Whole Wellness Club

The new Muscadine Grape product is now in members’ shopping carts for $32.

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  • bacne

    Will definitely look into it.  I'm always looking for some way to improve the supplements I take!  Thanks for sharing!

    • Excellent anti aging product as well as the benefits of the resveratrol are why I use the Perfect Grape everyday Bacne!

  • I really don’t know what’s exactly in the muscadine grape. I know that grapefruit is usually used for beauty regimens and other treatments. I guess it has many benefits.

  • Perfect Grape product is very healthy – not as tasty as a glass of wine but without the calories of red wine!

  • Natural products are good however, it is always advised to consult your doctor face to face before consuming any health products. There many things which should be checked before consumption of heath products like your old medical history and if you are going on any treatment etc.

    • Alisha,

      Many doctors will advise against using natural products to improve health. I am my primary doctor as the word means ‘teacher’. I consult with my doctor where I get care & then make the final decisions myself. Because natural products are from plants & herbs that God put on the earth, I seek natural healing first every time. Muscadine Grape Seed, Skin & Pulp is a powerful anti oxidant that helps the body fight of damaging free radicals.

  • Muscadine Grape is great. I like it! Antioxidants help improve people’s health inside the body & outside the body as well.

  • Natural products are always good for our health. Muscadine Grape is abundant in antioxidants that help to fight against some cancer-causing agent.

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