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Our soils are depleted of minerals. The US Congress had a study done in 1934 and a report came back from the Agriculture department stating that the soil had become depleted of minerals. The food supplement industry has grown up as a result of this fact. People have taken vitamins for years. Vitamins are important and minerals are just as important.


Dr James Chappell

Many studies are published in nutrition journals about how people get ill because of a lack of minerals. Dial 559-726-1259 and enter box 6 to listen to a recorded call about the importance of minerals and your health by Dr. James Chappell 24 hours a day.

Just taking a calcium supplement is not a wise move for your overall health. Our body needs a balance of minerals. Coral Complex 3 is a complete balance of the right proportion of minerals our body needs. Some doctors say that 157 diseases are caused by mineral deficiency.

Minerals make up the basic foundation of health.  Our soils have become depleted, thus, our foods and our bodies have become mineral deficient.  Coral naturally contains every mineral found in the body and unlike most mineral supplements, coral minerals are easily absorbed and really work.

This product is formulated by Dr. James Chappell who is a medical herbalist. The product contains all the minerals your body needs and also has 1200 IU of organic Vitamin D3. Here is a short video by Dr. Chappell explaining what mineral deficiency is how it impacts your health.

Dr. Chappell completes his talk about the Coral Complex 3 product on this video:

Coral Complex 3 Ingredients Are:

1. Calcium from Coral
2. Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)
3. Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol)
4. 73 Trace Minerals from Coral


Coral Complex 3

Once again, if the soil that the food we eat does not have the minerals necessary for good health, we will not get the minerals our bodies need from the food we eat.

You can order a bottle of Coral Complex 3 as a preferred customer by visiting my website below. By selecting Preferred Customer, you will get the Coral Complex 3 at a wholesale price. If you want the best price, select the 3 pack and your cost per bottle is dropped to $19.75.

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  • Jill Hatfield

    This minerals product will help me achieve better health. Looking forward to buy the Coral Complex 3 minerals.

    • Jill, I am amazed at how much better I feel since using Whole Wellness Club’s products. May I suggest the Testimony Maker package? You get $277 of products for $199. This is a one time offer for all new Wellness members.

  • This minerals product sounds interesting but are you sure the benefits are permanent ? I am looking to reap long term benefits. Lets see how this goes ?

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