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Liver Tincture

Liver Tincture

Welcome to the Liver Tincture page on my website. This page covers the Tiagacin FP Liver Tincture product that is exclusive to the Whole Wellness Club.

Your Liver is a vital organ in your body that has around 500 functions including filtering your blood, removes toxins, and makes proteins for the digestion process. The liver is a gland located under the rib cage in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen. You cannot survive without this vital organ.

liver tinctureLiver and Pancreas Molecule X formula is a tincture of nutraceutical ingredients designed to help someone that has a compromised liver. Liver disease is a common health concern as many people have what is known as ‘fatty liver’. Many people suffer from cirrhosis of the liver as well.

Liver and Pancreas Molecule X was created specifically to help open and cleanse the liver. It helps flush and clear the gall bladder and helps to stimulate slow and sluggish livers.

Liver and Pancreas formula is restorative, cleansing and fast acting. This formula contains all the ingredients in the Original (MX500) plus the following organic herbal additions:

Artichoke Leaf

Beet Leaf

Dandelion Root

Fennel Seed


Milk Thistle

Oregon Grape Root

The main ingredients in the Molecule X Original formula are Collodial Silver and Cretaceous Seaway Minerals with Amino Acids.

liver tinctureThe liver has a major role in breaking down carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, and lipids ( fats ). A healthy liver allows the body to have healthy metabolism.

The liver is a critical part of your digestive system as it controls the glucose levels in your blood ( blood sugar ).

Eat Raw Organic Fruits and Vegetables

liver tinctureAnother suggestion is to get a VitaMix or Nutribullet machine so you can make a fruit smoothie in the morning and a vegetable smoothie for your middle of the day meal. I make these smoothies every day.

Your digestive system does not have to work as hard to break down smoothies. Here are the ingredients that I use on a daily basis for the morning fruit smoothie and the dinner vegetable smoothie. It is a good idea not to mix fruits and vegetables if you don’t want to have flatulence.

Morning Fruit Smoothie

liver tinctureApple







Peaches or Pears




To make sure my body gets the protein and nutrients it needs, I add raw Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder, Organic Caldera Greens and a Whole Food Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Powder Product.

vegetablesDinner Vegetable Smoothie






healthy dinner mealCauliflower






Sweet Potato


Other foods to eat for healing are avocados, cruciferous vegetables and garlic. Tumeric is a healthy spice. Decaffeinated green tea is also a health promoting beverage.

Pure Water

waterEveryone needs to drink one half their ideal body weight in fluid ounces of pure water each day. If you have a health challenge, it is critical to keep your internal organs hydrated.

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