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This page contains information about being a manufacturers representative and earning money via direct sales of Avazzia Best Devices. If you have any questions, come to one of the Whole Wellness Club’s business calls at 2pm Eastern time on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday and ask for Chuck Dhuey. The number to dial is:

1-775-335-3180 enter 530312# when prompted.

Perpetual Leverage

This is the way Whole Wellness Club ( WWC ) compensates you for the sale of non-consumable, durable goods products. It is a powerful 4 level pay plan that reaches infinitely deep!

The Whole Wellness Club member who personally sells many durable goods products will be rewarded the most. If you are not yet a WWC member, you can create an account here for free:

Join Whole Wellness Club

An example of a durable good is an Avazzia BEST™ device — a product that is not consumable.
The sponsorship lineage 3 levels above that productive member will also be rewarded greatly.

To qualify for Perpetual Leverage commissions you must be an ACTIVE member.
Active is defined as follows:
An active member is someone who has generated at least $40 of personal commissionable matrix volume during one of the most recent two calendar months (the current month OR the previous month).

This is the only requirement.  You are not required to purchase a durable good.

Here’s how Perpetual Leverage works:
Perpetual Leverage is a uni-level in which everyone you sign up is on your first level.   These individuals will go into your 2 x 8 expandable matrix as well, but that is separate from Perpetual Leverage.  It is based on your uni-level sponsorship lineage.

Each durable good product will have five equal shares of commissions attached to it.   For example, the Avazzia Blue device has five $40 shares of commissions.

Share number 1 is always paid to the direct sponsor or member who sold the product.

Perpetual Leverage is an algorithm that determines who will receive share number 2.   Once the commission software determines who receives share number 2, then share numbers 3, 4, and 5 are paid to that person’s immediate upline three levels up.  This is your sponsorship lineage upline, not your matrix upline.

Determining who receives share number 2 is based on who was the first downline member in your sponsorship lineage to open up a given level with a matrix qualifying purchase of at least $40 CV.  A downline member who is the first person to make a matrix qualifying purchase ($40 CV or more) on a given level is called a QUALIFIER for you to begin to earn Perpetual Leverage share number 2 commissions from that level.

The Perpetual Leverage downline structure may be built with both consumable, matrix commissionable products and / or durable goods products.  Perpetual Leverage is not based on your matrix structure, it is a uni-level.

After the commission software pays share number 1 to the sponsor, it looks at the sponsor to determine if the person who purchased the durable good was the first person to make a matrix qualifying purchase of $40 CV or more on their first level in the uni-level.

If they are not the first person to make a matrix qualifying purchase on their first level, then commission share number 2 is paid to the sponsor AND share numbers 3, 4, and 5 are paid to the sponsor’s immediate upline three levels up.

If they are the first person to make a matrix qualifying purchase on their first level in the uni-level, then the commission software looks upline one level to the sponsor’s sponsor to see if the person who purchased the durable good was the first person to make a matrix qualifying purchase of $40 CV or more on their 2nd level in the uni-level.

If they are the first person to make such a purchase, then they are the QUALIFIER for that upline member to become eligible to receive a future Perpetual Leverage share number 2 commissions from that level.  That upline sponsor will not receive the share number 2 commission from the QUALIFIER’s purchase.

The commission software will then look upline one more level to see if the next upline sponsor is qualified to receive share number 2 for the purchase.   The software keeps searching upline in this manner until it finds an upline sponsor who has already had a QUALIFIER for that level.  When it finds an upline sponsor that is qualified to receive Perpetual Leverage commission share number 2, it pays them AND share numbers 3, 4, and 5 to their immediate upline three levels up.

This could happen infinite levels deep.  If you have one strong leg that qualifies you many levels deep, then you will get paid deep from all other legs as they reach deeper into the uni-level.

Think about it!  If you or someone in your first 3 levels, signs up a lot of people so that they are very wide in the uni-level, not only will you receive many, many matches of their personal share number 2, but you will receive many matches (share numbers 3, 4, or 5) from infinite depth due to the activity of just one person within your first three levels.
You will be greatly rewarded if you or anyone in your first three levels really goes to work!


Medical Practitioner and Reseller Accounts
If a member is a licensed medical practitioner or an experienced reseller of inventoried product, they may, at the sole discretion of Whole Wellness Club admnistrators, be permitted to have a Medical Practitioner or Reseller Account.

Such permission will be granted on a case-by-case basis and will require assorted information on diplomas from accredited schools, government issued licenses and reseller’s permits.

At the present time, this account will enable the member to purchase Avazzia Biofeedback Electro Stimulation devices at a volume discount with the contractual agreement that such devices will only be resold for no less than our posted member wholesale prices.  All devices that require a prescription will only be re-sold to customers who have a prescription.

The sponsor of a member who has a Medical Practitioner and Reseller Account will receive a 10% commission on their purchases.

In addition, 10% of such purchases will be assigned to the Medical Practioner’s or Reseller’s Whole Wellness Club account, whether they are a Preferred Customer or Distributor, as commissionable matrix volume that will be paid to the upline.


Income Disclaimer

A member is not guaranteed a specific income. Financial success as a member can come only from sale of company products to the end consumer, building her/his own sales organization and training that organization to sell, sponsor, and train. Members understand that financial reward is based on ability, personal effort, and initiative.

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