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Save on Avazzia

You can listen to a recorded call 24 hours a day by dialing 1-559-726-1259 and enter box 9. Tim Smith who is the CEO and Founder of Avazzia devices explains how the technology works to help people manage discomfort and get pain relief. Two of Avazzia Biofeedback Devices have been FDA approved for pain relief.

For a limited time, Whole Wellness Club has lowered the member price on the following Avazzia Biofeedback Electric Stimulation Devices. There is no charge to be a member of the Whole Wellness Club. There are several types of devices so research and purchase the one that will best suit your needs.

Avazzia Blue with Kit is now $550

Best Pro 1 with Kit is now $1050

The Best Pro 1 is FDA approved for pain relief.

Best Vet with Kit is now $973.24

EzziLift with Kit is now $495

Med Best with Kit is now $679

Med Sport with Kit is now $679

Y Electrode with 8″ handle is now $150

Soft tissue Y-Electrode – 8” handle. Good for large muscles such as back, shoulders, calves, feet, arms, back of neck, facial applications or applications on curved parts of the body.

You can join the Whole Wellness Club for free by going to my website below. The Club has the Better Business Bureau seal of approval as a company with high quality products and excellent customer service.

Join the Whole Wellness Club

Pro Sport Workshop

Pro-Sport™ Programmable Biofeedback Workshop
August 7, 2011
Palo Alto, California

Get hands on training from professional healthcare providers about specific industry therapies including the Pro-Sport, a powerful, micro-current biofeedback device designed for deep stimulation and effective, long lasting relief. Dr. John Hache, HD, ND, PhyD, DNM

Registration is required.

Pro-Sport™ is patent pending device. Prescription required.

Newsflash: Get a Y-Electrode for Free and a Free ticket to the Workshop in Palo Alto, California when you purchase the Avazzia Med Sport or Pro Sport by 31 July 2011 from the Whole Wellness Club. There is no charge to be a member of the Club.

Join Whole Wellness Club for Free

You can listen to the recorded call the Club had with Avazzia Owner Tim Smith by clicking the link below:

July 2011 Call with Tim Smith

The call lasts about 55 minutes and the topics covered were:

Avazzia – the Cutting Edge of Energy Medicine
Tim Smith reviews the modern history of energy medicine as
related to the use of subtle microcurrent signals and frequency.

British patent dated in 1892 built a device in Baltimore, Maryland.

Learn why Avazzia technology is superior to all others.

Pain Relief
Pain relief is a $200 billion industry in the United States alone.
There are 115 million Americans suffering from acute and chronic pain.
Together with our members, Whole Wellness Club wants to place an
Avazzia device in every household. Tim explains the exact mechanism
by which Avazzia devices cause the body to relieve pain.

Future Products from Avazzia
Tim Smith and his team are on the verge of using half again as much
circuitry to accomplish the same results we are getting from our current devices.

Also in the near future … learn about the Tesla Chi Device

RSI Devices Described
Tim explains how effective the Avazzia RSI is
for treatment of carpal tunnel and diabetic neuropathy pain.

Soothing medical massage device designed for the physically active body to relieve achy, sore or strained muscles to improve body and muscle efficiency. 1 year labor, 1 year parts Warranty

Suggested Retail Price: $839

Club Member Price: $679


Soothing medical massage device designed for the physically active body to relieve achy, sore or strained muscles to improve body and muscle efficiency. May shorten recovery time of strained or injured muscles. Massage for active teens and adults with Sports Injury. Modes are Relaxation, Massage, Stimulation, & Acute Mode. 1 year labor, 1 year parts Warranty

Suggested Retail Price: $839

Club Member Price: $679

Tim Smith Call

Join Avazzia President Tim Smith on the Whole Wellness Club conference call on Tuesday 12 July 2011. Dial 775-335-3180 enter 530312 # when prompted. Whole Wellness Club members can bring any questions to the call about how to use the Avazzia devices for managing discomfort or for pain relief. Two Avazzia devices are FDA approved for pain relief.


At the end of our monthly conference call with Tim Smith, CEO of Avazzia announced that all members that purchase a Med Best or Med Sport device will get a free Y-Electrode. You can join the Whole Wellness Club for free as long as you are 18 years of age. This offer will last until midnight Pacific time 31. July 2011. Listen to the recent call and contact me if you need any help.

Avazzia Call Held on 7 June 2011 with Tim Smith

Avazzia Technology is Amazing! Tim Smith explains the difference between prescription and non-prescription Avazzia devices. Hear the history of modern day electro stimulation microcurrent devices.
Tim explains how superior Avazzia devices are when compared to all competitors.

EzziLift Microcurrent technology from Avazzia that will make you look younger. Tim discusses the use of light therapy with the EzziLift.

Incredible Offer from Avazzia renewed! Through July 31st Purchase a Med Best or a Med Sport and receive
a FREE Y-Electrode … That’s a $150 value!

Don’t Delay buy one today.

Join the Whole Wellness Club

Avazzia Calls

Are you interested in learning more and asking questions about the amazing technology behind the Avazzia Devices?

Then you will not want to miss our Tuesday Evening Conference Call with the President and CEO of Avazzia Inc, Tim Smith. The call begins at 9pm Central Time today 7 June 2011. To access by phone, dial 775-335-3180 pin code 530312#. To access via the internet use links below in the conference call schedule:

Listen Online

Avazzia devices are helping people all over the world and we want you to be one of those people. We encourage you to take the time to learn all you can about this amazing Technology.

Here are the archived calls that you can listen to and learn more about the technology.

Avazzia Recorded Calls

Please call me if I can be of service to you!

Avazzia Blue

Whole Wellness Club is the place to purchase an Avazzia Blue. The manufacturers suggested retail price is $550 and that includes the kit you need. The Club pays referral commissions to the salesperson for each device sold. Read on to learn more about the lucrative income you can earn sharing Avazzia technology with other people.

Many people are getting relief from discomfort by using the device for a few minutes each day. You can treat the area that is troubling you for 20 minutes in the morning and then again in the evening. The bio feedback electric stimulation sends messages under your skin and neuropeptides are released. There are some fascinating videos on my site that will explain how the device works and what you can expect from using the Avazzia device.

You can also listen to a live call with Avazzia president Tim Smith on the first Tuesday evening of each month at 7pm Pacific time. Dial 775-335-3180 and enter 530312# when prompted. There is a question and answer time on that information call.

Go to my website below and you can see all of the Avazzia Devices by following these steps:

1. Navigate to the Products Page

2. Choose Avazzia from the dropdown menu

3. Register for a free account in the Whole Wellness Club

4. Select Durable Goods from Order Products page

5. Call me if you have any questions!

Join Whole Wellness Club

Avazzia Y Electrode

Here is a short demonstration of how to use the Avazzia Med Sport and the Y-Electrode to manage pain on your neck.

You can get the Y-Electrode for free until 6. May 2011 by purchasing an Avazzia Best Med or Med Sport device from the Whole Wellness Club. You can learn more on my site by clicking below and then going to the Avazzia page under the Products Link on my Whole Wellness Club site:

Buy Avazzia Device Today

Pain Relief

Did you know that thousands of people are now getting relief from pain by way of the Avazzia bio feedback electric stimulation devices? Two Avazzia Devices have been FDA approved for pain relief. The other devices that are not FDA approved for pain relief relieve discomfort. Here are some of the people that use Avazzia devices on a regular basis:

  1. Cosmeticians
  2. Medical professionals
  3. Sports trainers and professional athletes

Avazzia devices are available for anyone. Many people are able to get off pain medications by using Avazzia devices. If you would like to share Avazzia devices with other people, you can earn referral income. Contact me to find out more.

Dr. Hache Recorded Call

Dr. John Hache and his wife Dr. Lorry Hache were guests on our recent Whole Wellness Club call. Dr. Hache discussed how bio feedback stimulation works and how the technology developed. You can listen to the call by clicking here:

Dr. Hache and the EzziLift Device

Dr. John Hache is a Doctor of Natural Medicine. This is an internationally recognized accreditation that certifies doctoral expertise in 5 modalities:





Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. John Hache is also the President of the North American Bio-Feedback Association.

Dr. Lorry Hache has a PhD in Psychology and a degree in Biological Medicine. She has been featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine multiple times. She is also an accredited Cosmetologist and has worked at a clinic in London, England.

The Haches hold training seminars on how to use the Avazzia devices and are helping many people relieve pain. The EzziLift is a device designed to smooth away wrinkles. Many claim that there is a big difference after the very first treatment. People will comment that you look younger right away.

Listen to the call to hear several testimonials including one about how a woman was able to save a tooth. There is no need to have botox treatments or invasive surgery. The EzziLift device will help improve the skin’s appearance.

You can join the Whole Wellness Club for free and have access to all of our Avazzia training information and recorded conference calls. Click here and sign up for free:

Whole Wellness Club

Avazzia Testimonials

Whole Wellness Club members joined Tim Smith on the company conference line recently. The members shared testimonials about how the Avazzia Best Pro 1 and Avazzia Blue bio feedback electric stimulation devices have helped relieve pain. You can listen to that call by clicking here:

Avazzia Testimonials

The call also highlighted some recent seminars that train people in how to get the most out of the Avazzia devices. There are several upcoming seminars this summer. Whole Wellness Club members receive a 20 percent discount on the Avazzia Devices by attending one of the seminars that are in many regions of the country. There is no charge to be a Whole Wellness Club member. Simply go to this website and register an account with the option you prefer:

Whole Wellness Club

Opioid and Pain Gate Theory

Whole Wellness Club hosted Avazzia Devices manufacturer Tim Smith and Dr. Stan Wolfe on a conference call. Tim mentioned that there are two approaches to pain relief. You can listen to the recording by clicking here:


Pain Gate Theory is used by tens units and the idea is that you over stimulate the area of pain to provide pain relief. Opioid Theory works to stimulate the neuropeptides that are produced by your spine. Beta endorphins are produced by neurons. Met encephalin is also produced by the spine. Avazzia Devices work on the Opioid Theory which helps the body produce the endorphins to help relieve pain in the body. The Opioid Theory provides for lasting pain relief while the Pain Gate Theory is more of a temporary relief. Go to this website to read more about the Avazzia Devices:

Avazzia Devices

Avazzia Covered by Medicare and Workmen’s Comp

Pain Relief

Did you know that more than $150 billion per year is spent in North America each year on pain? Eight six million Americans are in chronic pain. Sixty-five million of Americans have chronic low back pain. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the number one workmens compensation claim. Many people have been using narcotics to deal with their pain. Do you want to get your life back and get off all the drugs? Listen to the latest call with Tim Smith and Dr. Stan Wolfe by clicking here:

Pain Cost: 0 Billion Per Year

The Best Pro 1 is FDA approved for pain relief and requires a prescription from your medical provider. You can download that form here:

Avazzia Best Pro 1 Prescription Form

Here is a list of uses for the Avazzia Best Pro 1:

1) Athletes Before and After Competition

2) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

3) Cramping

4) Joint Pain

5) Knee Pain

6) Leg Pain

7) Low Back Pain

8 ) Shoulder Pain

How to Use Avazzia Devices

Whole Wellness Club owner Chuck Dhuey hosted Tim Smith who is the manufacturer of the Avazzia Best Devices and Dr. Stan Wolfe on a conference call. The call is about how to use the device, the components that make up the device, and how to get pain relief from the Avazzia products. You can listen by clicking this link:

How to Use Avazzia for Pain Relief

If you are ready to purchase the Avazzia Blue or the Avazzia Best Pro 1, just go to my secure website and place your order:

Buy Avazzia

Avazzia Devices Versus Competition

Tim Smith, who is the President of Avazzia Inc., discussed the technology that he has developed with the Avazzia Best Devices on a recent conference call with the Whole Wellness Club. You can listen to this call by clicking here:

Avazzia Conference Call

Some of the highlights that stood out to me are:

1. Easy to Use

2. Over 10,000 Sold and Only 3 Returned

3. Reduction in Pain Right Away

4. Non-pharmaceutical Pain Relief

5. Communication Device with Your Skin and Nervous System

6. Pumps Electrons into the Skin

7. Creates Neuropeptides * (any of various short-chain peptides, as endorphins, that function as neuromodulators in the nervous system and as hormones in the endocrine system) from Dictionary.com website.

The Avazzia Blue is an affordable unit that every household should have on hand. The cost is similar to what people are paying to have video game machines or other electronic devices in their home. You can buy the Avazzia Devices here from this secure website:

Avazzia Devices

Avazzia Call

Whole Wellness Club is hosting Tim Smith and Dr. Stan Wolfe on the corporate call line tonight at 19:00 Pacific time. The conference call number is 1-775-335-3180 enter bridge number 530312# when prompted. Dr. Stan Wolfe is an expert in training medical personnel in how to use the Avazzia device to manage pain. The Avazzia Best Pro 1 is FDA approved for pain relief. I will post the recording tomorrow.

Return Policy

If you buy your Avazzia Bio Feedback electric stimulation device from the Whole Wellness Club and are not satisfied, you can request a refund. Here are the terms for returns:

You have 15 days from receipt of product to request a return. Your Avazzia device must be returned in resaleable condition with original packaging. A 10 percent restock fee will be charged. You must call Customer Service and request a RA number.

# Please return product within ten (10) days of the RA issuance to receive your refund (shipping charges are non-refundable).

# DO NOT return the product without an RA number. Write this RA number on the outside of your package so we can properly refund you.

# Please return your item with a copy of the email receipt or Invoice and include your reason for returning.

# We recommend using UPS or insured mail to ensure your package is received by us, as we are not responsible for returns that never arrive at our facility.

# Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. If you have any questions regarding your purchase (including but not limited to Return or Exchange information), please contact the Customer Service Dept. The charge on your credit card statement will appear as Set You Free Enterprises. If you paid by electronic check (E-check), the charge on your bank statement will appear as Set You Free Enterprises.

For Customer Service: (866)549-0267

Monday-Friday 09:00 until 18:00 Pacific Time

What Is Avazzia?

Avazzia Devices use space age technology to communicate with c fibers in your body and help manage discomfort. Two Avazzia Devices are FDA approved for pain relief. Watch this short video for more information:

Avazzia Best Pro

Avazzia Best Pro 1 devices are now available to order. The Best Pro 1 is FDA approved to provide pain relief. You need a doctor’s prescription to order the bio feedback electric stimulation device. Click Here for the Form:

Doctor’s Prescription

Whether you have race horses that are going to run in the Kentucky Derby or a champion breed of German Shepherd preparing for a dog show, you need to have the Avazzia Best-Vet Massager on hand to relieve pain that your animals may be experiencing.

Avazzia Devices

Avazzia Best Devices are now available in Whole Wellness Club (WWC) members back offices. There is no charge to be a WWC member. Join the Whole Wellness Club here now:

Whole Wellness Club

You can purchase the following devices there:

1) Avazzia Blue








2) Avazzia Best Pro 1









3) Avazzia Best Vet








4) Avazzia Ezzilift

Pain Relief

This website is dedicated to sharing pain relief using new technology that enhances ancient Chinese Energy Medicine! Two Avazzia devices are FDA approved for pain relief. Our mission is to help as many people as possible get pain relief without having to use prescription medications. Stay tuned for video updates and posts to learn more. Subscribe to my Blog and you will stay updated.

Call me if you have any questions!

Avazzia Devices

You can find out more by joining the Whole Wellness Club as a free member and registering as either a preferred customer or a distributor. Go to my site below and join Today!

Join Whole Wellness Club

There is a perpetual leverage pay plan with the durable goods so you may consider selecting the distributor role. There are no requirements or expense to be a distributor. Read the Compensation Plan for more details on how the renumeration works. The best thing to do is come to the calls. Go to the Events page for more details.

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      Drinking plenty of pure water will help Arthritis symptoms as the cells can get hydrated properly. Avazzia devices will help reduce pain by communicating with the neuropeptides under the skin.

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