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Dr. Chappell Know Your Options Calls

Join us on Wednesday evening at 10 pm Eastern for a live conference call with Dr. James Chappell. Dr Jim, the company spokesperson for Coral Complex 3 and Cinnamon 6, is a modern day naturopath who shares many of these same traditional views with us. He has a PhD in clinical nutrition, is a doctor of chiropractic and naturopathy, and a certified medical herbalist. He has been practicing since 1971. The phone number is 775-335-3180 and enter bridge number 530312 # when prompted. Here is a library of recorded calls from 2009. Know Your Options Call Series


Know Your Options Call Series with Dr. James Chappell-Just Click on the List of Health Challenges to Listen
Adopt an Attitude for Wellness
Benefits of Fasting
Benefits of Organic Vitamin D3
Blood Impurities
Blood Sugar Problems and Diabetes
Brief 15 Minute Call with Chuck Dhuey about Peak Enzymes
Enzymes and Your Health
Enzyme Formulator & World Class Athlete Troy Aupperle on Peak Enzymes
Harmful Inorganic Salt & How Your Internal Sodium / Potassium Pump Works
Heart Disease
Heavy Metal Toxicity
Sleep Apnea
Yeast & Fungus

You can also listen to a complete library of health topics with Dr. Chappell from 2009-2011 at the following website:

Dr. James Chappell Covering Health Topics

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  • Ronaldo Fidel

    Thanks for your honestly speaking. I need a healthy life like others and need to know, how it is possible. I want to learn from your blog.

    • Hello Ronaldo,
      Our mission is to achieve optimum health and wellness and to share our discoveries with other people.

  • Hi Daniel, Thanks for sharing info ! I am Dr. Mary Caselli. I have been serving Portland families since 1986. I see that Dr Chappell has a PhD in clinical nutrition. So very nice ! Can I take help about Naturopathic ?

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