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Detox Cash

Detox Cash

Detox Cash is a fast moving 2×2 cycler with a real product shipped to your door: VelociTea

Detox Cash

A One Time $79.95 to Enter for which you get an 8 week supply of the Detox Tea … Anywhere in the World.
People have used herbs for health problems for thousands of years. VelociTea is a blend of herbs.

The results people get from this tea are phenomenal. Nine out of ten people notice a significant result the very next day after drinking the tea. It is safe to use the tea on a daily basis. Suggested daily usage is 20 ounces of diluted tea. I have been using 8 ounces of undiluted tea since 2007.

The Whole Wellness Club ( WWC ) researched cleansing herbs and formulated VelociTea. The Club has a medical researcher that works with people who have serious health challenges. Dr. James Chappell has 40 years of experience. He has a PhD in clinical nutrition, is a doctor of chiropractic and naturopathy, and a certified medical herbalist. Watch this 2 minute video from Dr. Chappell:

Find out more on my site:  DetoxCash.com 2×2 PayPlan

detox cashParticipants in this cycler will receive 8 pass-it-on packages over and over again (2 month supply of VelociTea 8 packets with 2 tea bags in each). We sell it for a one-time $79.95. They will also register a free WWC account.

We emphasize the “Sharing is Caring” theme. Giving away one of your 8 pass-it-on packages as a door opener to introduce someone to DetoxCash.com. Current WWC members will be able to activate their DetoxCash.com position from a link in their current WWC back office when we Launch.

$79.95 + $79.95 + $79.95 + $79.95 on your 2nd level triggers a cycle. That’s a total of $319.80 per cycle that Whole Wellness Club has to work with.

(You can’t count the money on the 1st level as that is on someone else’s 2nd level. Four people on the 2nd level is what triggers a cycle. All company expenses must be covered by income from the 2nd level on each cycle.) Just how much of that is paid out? $80 is paid to you (4 x $20), $40 is paid to the sponsor which may also be you (4 x $10), and $79.95 funds a Re-Entry Into Your Sponsor’s Current Matrix.

That’s a total pay out of $199.95 or a whopping 63% of the $319.80. And you get the product with shipping costs covered too! Over and Over and Over again! After you cycle you are re-entered in the first available position in your sponsor’s matrix. A Very Simple Program with BIG Money Extremely FAST! That sums up the Wellness Accelerator system in a nutshell. It’s a simple 2×2 cycler.

Imagine having 3 or 4 people constantly refilling your matrix with their re-entries and the re-entries of the people they’ve sponsored. This is powerful! With only a few people, you could easily be making $250 per week or more with Whole Wellness Club and all the while you are creating a solid monthly residual income from the core pay plan of WWC and all our other phenomenal products.

You will also receive 8 one-week supplies of VelociTea to give away to prospects every time you re-enter. Nine out of Ten people get a tangible result on VelociTea within just a day or two. The Wellness Accelerator is a great way to introduce people to the Whole Wellness Club and all its phenomenal, unsurpassed products. Cost to you? Just a one-time $79.95.

Think about it! Every time anyone has 4 people on their 2nd level the company pays out $79.95 to re-enter them in the first available spot in their sponsor’s current matrix. Upon every entry or re-entry, the company pays out $30 ($10 to the sponsor and $20 to the person whose 2nd level was landed on). This happens over and over and over again. That’s a 63% payout and it happens fast. It’s not often you find a payout like that from a company offering a substantial product with real hard costs.

Dial 559-726-1259 enter box 1 when prompted to hear a short recording about how Detox Cash works to help people improve their health and wealth!

Make this your best year ever in a global company that launched in 2007 and is endorsed by the Better Business Bureau!

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  • Deana

    People look free and they like free. But it correspond risk for any decision made. Tea is good for busy people like me. I don't have time preparing a meal. I just sipping a cup of tea facing to my monitor almost a day.

  • Parker Good

    Have you ever tried Maqui berries to detox? It’s one of their best benefits!!

    • Will check out your blog Parker. Thanks for stopping by! Drinking some decaf green tea in the morning also stimulates the body to burn fat and our body is in the elimination process each morning.

  • I tried a detox tea before but it made me gain weight when I stopped. Any suggestions? Also I heard there are side effects to this kind of detox.

    • Hello Luke,
      I have never heard of someone gaining weight after stopping a medicinal tonic that cleanses the body. I have hundreds of testimonies of people that lose between 3-7 pounds from drinking the medicinal tonic. Many people have impacted fecal matter stuck inside of their digestive system. The VelociTea helps to remove that waste from the digestive system. Listen to what Dr. Chappell has to say about our Tea by clicking below:
      Detox Body

      I have earned a good amount of money by sharing the Detox Cash program. I spent $80 one time and have cycled many times. I get another 8 weeks of VelociTea for free each time I cycle and I earn cash also. The Detox Cash cycler is the best investment I have ever made.

  • Thanks for sharing this amazing and informative article about the Detox Cash program… enjoyed every bit of it .. 🙂


  • Health is wealth everyone knows that. For good health everyone should perform some physical activity, proper food and diet and fixed daily routine. But in this busy era its hard to do these things. I prefer the VelociTea Detox tea.

  • Ahmed Taha

    Very nice post about the medicinal VelociTea and how people can earn money sharing the VelociTea. =)

  • I love to detox! thanks for this article Daniel 🙂

  • Gil

    The tea is great it gives the inside of the body a bath. TEA FOR ALL.

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