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Whole Wellness Club

Whole Wellness Club started in the summer of 2007 on my small farm in Washington State. The company is global and helps many people improve their ‘wellness’.

Whole Wellness Club

Dr James Chappell

Dr James Chappell

Dr. James Chappell – Quotes from his book – The Miracle Elements:

When I started my natural healing career in 1971, I had a vision of founding a group, company or organization of like-minded people, each seeking optimum health and longevity. Unfortunately, over the years, I became so involved in research, writing, and teaching others how to heal themselves of dis-ease, I had little time left for realizing this dream. Now, much to my surprise and pleasure, I recently discovered the exact group I wanted to create; it’s called the Whole Wellness Club.

Company Background

whole wellness club

The Whole Wellness Club is a membership only group collectively gathered to learn about the benefits of natural healing through detoxification, nutritional supplementation, and much more. You can just be a customer and receive the wholesale price that members get.

In addition, it is a “club” whereby each member is given the opportunity to share products and the income generated.

The owners of the club have many invaluable years of hands-on experience developing and administrating this kind of membership organization. The unique and ingenious way in which the club works on the behalf of its members is truly the outworking of these many years of experience. It is very much a breath of fresh air to the industry.


Unlike most company’s, the Whole Wellness Club is based on real integrity not just diatribe. Their mission is to truly help people avoid the ravages of dis-ease while providing an excellent opportunity to achieve a realistic home-based income — whether it is enough to pay for the products, to merely supplement one’s income, or to obtain a true full time residual business income. As I have said for over 30 years, education and taking effective action are the keys to optimum health and longevity. The Whole Wellness Club personifies that statement.

If you have seen one of my many television infomercials, seminars, heard me on one of hundreds of radio interviews or have read one of my newsletters or books, you know I am a nutritional purist. First and foremost, I will only formulate products that are absolutely effective. I will always use the best AND most effective ingredients. Whether wild harvested, organic, or pharmaceutical grade, my products do not contain pesticides, insecticides, fumigants nor have they been irradiated. I was extremely pleased to find that the owners of the Whole Wellness Club truly feel the same way. They are truly concerned about their customers, members and organization.

Mission Statement/Product Line

While other companies have much to say, the Whole Wellness Club acts. Their primary goal is to help others help themselves, not only physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but financially, as well. They accomplish this through offering the best wellness products money can buy and by allowing their members to share those products and income.

detox teaVelociTea

The club started in September of 2007 with VelociTea, a very impressive formulation containing persimmon leaves, malva leaves, milk thistle, marshmallow leaves and blessed thistle. VelociTea is an excellent infusion of specialized detoxifying herbs. These botanicals are a needed pre-requisite to any health protocol.

The world is a toxic place.

Every week news reports tell us of how 7 billion people are impacting the environment here on earth.

The air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink are full of toxins. Cleansing the inside of the body is of critical importance to good health.

complete minerals and organic vitamin d3

Coral Complex 3

Their next product is one I am personally involved with as I am the formulator. It is called Coral Complex 3. Having read this book, you know how beneficial fossilized stony coral is. Combining this coral with vitamin D3, malic acid, Betaine HCL and vitamin C makes a perfect formulation for re-mineralizing the body. As we know, the human body is primarily made of minerals. If the minerals are not contained in our soil, as is the case, they won’t be in our food. If they are not in our food consumed, they will not be in us. If you want to be healthy, you absolutely must supplement your diet with bio-available minerals. Coral Complex 3 does just that.

herbs lower blood sugar

Cinnamon 6

The Whole Wellness Club membership also has another product I created called Cinnamon Six. This is one of the most significant formulations I have ever developed. The list of health benefits exceeds the total pages of this book. In a nut shell, refined carbohydrates are either direct sugars or are starches converted into sugar. What is not burned as fuel for energy is stored as toxic fat overworking the pancreas, liver and adrenal glands. This not only leads to sugar intolerance, pre-diabetes and full diabetes; it sets the chemical ground work for tissue hypoxia, cellular fermentation and an acid pH. In my research all dis-ease, including cancer, need just such an environment to thrive and proliferate. Cinnamon Six has proven to be a super nutrient formulae that negates the toxic effects of sugar and its by-products.

whole wellness club productsThe following products are from other FDA approved facilities:

Caldera Greens – Powerful Alfalfa, Barley, Oat, and Wheat Grasses

Camucin – Organic Camu Camu & Stabilized Allicin for the Immune System

Peak Enzymes – Digestive and Systemic Enzymes that are the best quality available.

Perfect Grape – Muscadine Grape Seed Extract with Skin of Grape

molecule-xTiagacin – Advanced Naturopathic Medicine as an Immune System Modulator

The tincture products below have been created in 2016 by Dr. James Chappell.

Molecule X – Advanced Naturopathic Medicine with Three Different Forumlations:

Anti-Parasitic Formula

Health and Longevity Formula

Liver and Pancreas Formula
Avazzia Pain Relief Devices – Best Pro is FDA approved to relieve pain
Avazzia Devices are Biofeedback Electric Stimulation Devices that help people manage their pain.
People Spend Billion of Dollars Every Year On Pain Relief Medications.

Contact Me 

Directly to Learn More About Avazzia Devices.

Marketing Plan

The Whole Wellness Club has a genuine desire and a very definite, realistic goal of creating more stay-at-home, part-time (and full time) income than any company in network marketing history. When I was a young man, I was told that money was the medium of exchange used when providing goods and services. If my focus was on that; goods and services, money would simply flow as a consequence. Although it is not my intention to thoroughly explain the Whole Wellness Club marketing plan here, suffice it to say, it is the most generous payment plan of any network marketing company I have seen, to date.

whole wellness clubReal Products and Real Compensation: The owners of the company have a very refreshing product-driven approach to the business. It begins by laying a foundation for your business in effective products of the highest level of quality that meet a very broadly held need. This means that you are surrounded by people who very much need our products whether they realize it or not. It also means that you don’t have to discuss the business with others unless you want to.

To build a secure residual income with the Whole Wellness Club, all you need to do is something that comes quite natural to all of us — share a good thing with others. In other words, share the products with others.



Simply ask others to try the products. You don’t have to have an inventory, the company will drop ship the products for you. The effectiveness of the products will do all the talking for you. Once someone has tried the products and they experience their health-imparting benefits, they will want to buy the product again. Very often they will want to purchase the products wholesale rather than retail. In order to get this 20% price break, all they need do is join the club. Membership is free. When they join, they can now duplicate your efforts — they can share the products with others as well.

Most other companies have requirements to qualify for all commissions that are far too difficult for the average person to accomplish. The primary requirement for you to qualify for commissions available in the Whole Wellness Club is simply to have three people that you personally introduced to the club make a purchase of $100 worth of product volume ( commissionable volume ) in any given month that you wish to qualify for commissions. That’s it — just three!

Three people in the Simplicity Pay Plan unilevel that each sponsor 3 people down 4 levels will bring you $1,200 each month. Five people in the pay plan that share with 5 people down 4 levels will bring you $7,800 each month! There is much more money down on the 5th and 6th level. For more details, go to the Pay Plan site link below and you can even use the Income Calculator to figure earnings!

cash money

Simplicity Pay Plan

There are many other activities and communications built into the Whole Wellness Club marketing system that foster team work and duplication of effort. It is a total breath of fresh air to the industry and the company is well on its way to creating more self-employment income than any company in network marketing history. It’s all about a whole lot of people each accomplishing a small do-able task and helping others to do the same.


Ever since 1971 when I began my natural healing career, I have been approached hundreds of times to endorse companies, products, clinics, hospitals and individuals. There have only been a few entities I have been willing to consider as most come and go. I am proud to add my name as one that thoroughly endorses the Whole Wellness Club. Not only is their current product line, but their business ethics, payment plan, and mission statement are without equal. I am also honored that they have chosen two of my products to represent throughout the world.

Remember, if we don’t take the time to be healthy, we will ultimately have to take the time to be sick.

Sincerely, Dr. James Chappell

Finally a company has come along with products that people don’t want to be without and a pay plan that rewards those that put in some effort. Whole Wellness Club products meet broadly held needs that target health challenges people face today.

The Whole Wellness Club has priced the products at or below what you would pay for similar quality in your local health food store. This concept has never been done in the Networking Industry. We don’t have inflated prices to compensate the pay plan. The pay plan is designed to allow people to either earn their products for free or make a substantial stay at home income. It depends on your skill level and the effort you put into the business.

detox tea


The company also will drop ship a one week supply of the detox tea anywhere in the world to as many people as you can give a sample away to for just $14.95 each month! That is an excellent way to introduce your wellness business to anyone literally anywhere. Get all the details about our Free Tea Marketing System and grab a free sample of the VelociTea Detox Tea below:

Free Tea Giveaway System

We also have Dr. James Chappell on our Wednesday night conference call line sharing his wisdom from Natural Healing since 1971. He created a series of “Know Your Options Calls” and covers the most prevalent health challenges people face today like Cancer, Heart Disease, and Stroke. You can attend these calls via webcast over a computer line or by dialing in to the conference call line at 425-440-5100 or 206-402-0100 and enter 530312 # every Wednesday evening at 10:00 Eastern. Check for a local dial in phone number in your country.

Teleseminar Local Numbers

Testimony Maker

Experienced Networkers are joining our business due to the strength of the pay plan and effectiveness of the products. The Whole Wellness Club is free from hype and smoking mirrors. We do not build your downline for you. That idea is one of the biggest lies on the internet. Join a company that has reasonably priced products and you can build your own business.

You can join Whole Wellness Club for free. If you are only interested in the products, please select the Preferred Customer option. Call me with any questions. Click this website to join now:

Whole Wellness Club

If You Want Personal Help, Contact Me Today!

Daniel Parsons

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  • I’ve always been very fond of the benefits of natural healing. Natural foods are excellent remedies and are not expensive. Today I treat rhinitis and bronchitis with home remedies and have great results.

    • Happy that you are getting good results for the rhinitis & bronchitis Samantha. Have you tried our medicinal detox tea? VelociTea helps cleanse the inside of the body where toxins build up from the environment. We ship to Brazil. Free VelociTea Sample

  • It has been wonderful to be a part of this company from the beginning. Amazing how we started with one product and how our product line has grown with very affordable and effective products that bring results. Wow …. it will be 9 years in June! Looking forward to many more 🙂

    • The new tincture products that Dr Chappell formulated have had a large impact on my liver function getting better. The Tiagacin will help many people as it is an immune modulator. I like the labels that say: “Advanced Naturopathic Medicine”

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