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You can’t see it, smell it, or taste it, but oxygen’s power is a miracle!

The Truth Is Usually Very Simple!

The information revealed on this website completely changed my life forever! I discovered the truth is usually very simple! Oxygen is a nutrient that we aren’t getting enough of.

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Unfriendly viruses, amoebas, parasites, fungi or bacteria can not live in high Oxygen environments. Virtually all disease is caused by the presence of one of those little guys and they can’t tolerate a high Oxygen environment!

Viruses, amoebas, parasites, fungi or bacteria live and breed in accumulations of metabolic waste and ingested poisons. Oxygen is also the cleanser of the body and can neutralize toxins and poisons. Simply create an environment (oxygenate) where those little guys can’t survive and you’ll start seeing what I mean when I say miracles.

Reducing Oxygen Turns Cells Cancerous!

A nurse who works in medical research told Ed McCabe aka Mr Oxygen, ‘It’s so simple. I don’t know why I never thought of it. When we’re working with cell cultures in the lab, if we want the cells to mutate (turn cancerous), we turn down the oxygen. To stop them, we turn the oxygen back up’.

Disease Is Caused by Lack of Nutrition

Dr. Mona Harrison, M.D. said in a recent lecture: “Disease is not caused by a lack of medicine, it’s caused by a lack of nutrition. From what I now know, I emphatically agree with Dr. Richard Schulze, who says there is no such thing as an incurable disease! You are about to learn why Oxygen is by far the most important nutrient.”

Oxygen is so basic for our everyday life that it is taken for granted. The medical community is beginning to rediscover how important oxygen is to our bodily functions. Research has indicated a link between oxygen and most diseases of the human body.

You can go days without food, hours without water, but if you are denied Oxygen for only a few minutes you can’t survive.

Oxygen is crucial to your system. All physical processes of your body, such as circulation, assimilation, digestion, and elimination “run” on Oxygen. Oxygen is the human body’s battery. As a result, Oxygen helps your body produce energy, balance its metabolism, purify itself of wastes, and fight infection. Your body uses Oxygen to rid itself of toxins, including allergic substances. Since anaerobic bacteria, fungi and viruses cannot live in an Oxygen rich environment, high blood oxygen levels are our best defense against infectious illness. Unfortunately, if you’re like most everyone, your blood oxygen content is low.


The sad truth is that virtually no one is getting enough oxygen! To live well on this small planet, you need to supplement your diet with oxygen. With high blood oxygen levels, you can fight off illnesses, gain zest for life, and enjoy vibrant energy, strength and endurance.

There are many reasons why you don’t get enough oxygen in your system, you may have shallow breathing habits. If you haven’t learned to breathe properly, you aren’t bringing enough air into the lungs and you’re not assimilating it efficiently in order to obtain vital blood oxygen levels.

When blood oxygen content is low, your body is slowed, weakened, and easily fatigued. Your immune system lies prey to infections, accelerated aging, and over time, disease. A person in poor health or suffering from stress, is reflected in the skin. Proper skin care requires more than just getting a facial. It requires a healthy body, proper diet, exercise and supplemental oxygen.

The earth had much higher oxygen content 200 hundred years ago. The atmosphere is currently around 21% free oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, and .03% Carbon Dioxide plus some other gases including H2O.


Oxygen is a key component for the production of energy in the body. It operates as part of the aerobic metabolism. This form of energy production is similar to that of a fire. Wood may provide the combustible material, which is combined with oxygen to produce Carbon Dioxide (CO2), heat, and water. The body uses a similar process though without the heat. The main transport agent of this cold energy production is ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is an adenosine-derived nucleotide that supplies large amounts of energy to cells for various biochemical processes, including muscle contraction and sugar metabolism, through its hydrolysis to ADP. Without the activity of ATP and ADP, the cells would die.


There are two main pathways to energy production in the body. We have mentioned aerobic metabolism. Aerobic means with oxygen. However, there is an anaerobic metabolism that supports life for very short periods of time. Anaerobic means without oxygen. How can this be so?

In the initial phase of metabolism of glucose there is a release of energy without the presence of oxygen. However, as a waste product this reaction produces lactic acid. As the process of anaerobic metabolism continues, the concentration of lactic acid continues to increase until it becomes impossible for the cell to function. Therefore, this anaerobic metabolism cannot be expected to provide a long- term solution for oxygen management, but it plays a significant part.

As oxygen delivery to the tissue drops, it reaches a point where anaerobic metabolism increases. This is typically seen in by a rise in serum lactate levels, a binding compound used by the body to neutralize the acid. Once oxygen delivery increases, the lactic acid is further metabolized and removed. This scenario is played daily in athletes. As they vigorously use their muscles there is a buildup of lactate acid and later, during rest, the body removes this acid. This causes the familiar aching muscles experienced by the weekend warrior.


Oxygen is not like other drugs. Once oxygen is inhaled, even from a tank source, it does not accumulate for later use; it is metabolized right away. The fact that oxygen is not stored by the body is why people die quickly when air is cut off; all available oxygen at that point is completely exhausted in about four minutes. Football players who come off the field for a few whiffs of oxygen on the sidelines are not really benefited in any physiologic sense; by the time they get back in the game, the supplemental oxygen they inhaled has been completely used up.


Oxygen is a key component in fighting infections that we are afflicted with. How so? It may help to understand if one remembers how hydrogen peroxide or H2O2 is used to clean a wound. When you pour this on an open wound or sore it immediately foams up. Why? The hydrogen peroxide molecule is not the most stable since it is an unbalanced form of water, or H2O. this second oxygen molecule can be easily released. When this is done in the presence of bacteria, it literally ‘burns’ up the bacteria in a form of chemical fire. The white blood cells of the body use this similar action.

As white blood cells flow through the circulation and encounter bacteria or other foreign matter, they engulf such like a form of digestion. Once this is encapsulated within the white blood cell it is bathed in superoxidase compounds and destroyed or ‘burned’ up with cold fire. Without this, the white blood cells, though effectively attacking the bacterial agents, are not able to break down and destroy the bacteria. But where does the white blood cell get the components to make the superoxidase compounds?

Red blood cells carry the oxygen to fuel the body’s cells. If a passing white blood cell needs oxygen, a major component of a superoxidase compound, it is able to pull such from a passing red blood cell. This is a very efficient and effective method. However, if there is severe anemia or a low blood oxygen level (which is usually the case) there is not enough oxygen for the white cells to extract in order to fight off infections. In the case of severe anemia, there is not enough red blood cells present for white cells to extract oxygen. in essence you have plenty of soldiers (white blood cells) but these have no bullets (superoxidase compound) to destroy the enemy.

In this condition there is an increased possibility for infection to rapidly grow and overwhelm the body. If severe, it can lead to sepsis. Sepsis itself can further release hormones and other reactionary chemicals into the body that can lead to further problems with oxygen delivery, blood flow, and can result in shock. Thus, it becomes paramount to help the immune system to fight bacterial infections early on, or even before it occurs.

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Be aware that I am not a licensed medical provider and my FDA disclaimer is found on the bottom right of all my websites pages. I have had excellent results with fitness & wellness and promote products & services that I believe in. By taking effective action and using common sense, I am prescription free and living an abundant life of wellness.


Daniel Parsons

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  • Ever notice how the air around a forest is so refreshing after a rain? The trees give off oxygen and our environment doesn't have as much oxygen as it once did.

  • Jac Evans

    Hello Daniel,
    Oxygen is necessary for everyone to live. It is one of the natural elements of the world.

    • Jac, try living without oxygen! We actually breathe oxygen in and exhale carbon dioxide per my high school health class many years ago.

  • Daniel, I really love to read your wellness blog as well as the examples that you’ve mention. Without oxygen, there is no life! Thank you so much for this helpful content. I am looking forward to see more posts like this.

  • Michelle Carlson

    What about the free radicals? 🙂 It strikes to me that the essence of life is what eventually makes us grow older, get sick and die. If it weren’t for the oxygen, it wouldn’t have been for the nasty free radicals either, but I guess we’re just stuck with both of them.

  • Trevor Jackson

    They call it “essence of life” for a good reason. So it’s great to find out that this essence can now be bottled. Amazing what modern technologies and medicine can provide us!

    • Hello Trevor,
      Try going without oxygen for an hour. I was riding with my neighbors from the Fourth of July fireworks celebration here in Southern California the other night. All of us in the car got a bunch of toxic pollution while we were behind an older Jeep that had carbon dioxide and cadmium coming form the exhaust. We had to open all the windows and let that Jeep go ahead and finally turn off onto a different road. I was sick all night from that poisoning. We need to detox our body every single day.
      My Daily Detox Tea

  • Lee Belcher

    It is a worrying thought if no one is actually getting enough oxygen. As it looks like the percentage in the atmosphere is only likely to decrease in the near future. Lee

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