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Welcome to my Alli-C page that discusses the natural antibiotic product that is formulated by Dr. Peter Josling.

Alli-C Stabilized AllicinOur world now has serious viruses and anti biotic resistant strains of disease causing bacteria. Respiratory problems affect many people. In 2009, the avian flu or bird flu made headlines around the world. There are reports of mrsa and staph infections on a regular basis. Over 5,000 years ago, people knew that Garlic had health benefits. Garlic is mentioned in Numbers 11:5 in the Bible.

You can listen to a recorded call 24 hours a day by dialing 1-559-726-1259 enter box 11. The call covers what the Alli-C does to work with your body and boost your immune system. Dr. Josling shares how the product is made. Get Dr. Josling’s ebook about allicin for a limited time by subscribing below. Your privacy is important to me and your information is never sold or shared.

Stabilized Allicin from fresh Garlic, which is perhaps the most significant advancement in the history of natural medicine is helping people keep their immune systems strong. Your body knows how to heal itself. Here is the information contained on the product label:

hippocratesAlli-C is a logical combination of allicin powder, vitamin-C and citrus bioflavonoids which work synergistically to help support your body’s natural defence system. This unique formula is also a potent antioxidant. Each capsule contains 300,000mcg of allicin powder (with guaranteed maximum yield of allicin), 60mg of vitamin-C and 40mg of citrus bioflavonoids. ALLI-C is odor controlled, easy and convenient to take.

Recommended usage: As a dietary supplement take just one capsule per day at mealtime with a little cold liquid.

30 vegetarian capsules

Supports your body’s natural defenses

Allicin powder, vitamin C and bioflavonoids

A logical combination. Scientifically tested


Serving size 1 capsule – Servings per container 30

Amount per serving

% Daily Value

*Allicin powder 300mg

Vitamin-C 60mg 100%

*Citrus bioflavonoids 40mg

*Daily value not established

Other ingredients: Cellulose, gum acacia, silica.

Manufactured in the EU under Pharmaceutical quality control by AXIL, Rye, East Sussex, UK.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

British chemist Peter Josling recently developed a way to stabilize the Allicin from Garlic for the first time in history and incorporated it into his flagship product Alli-C. That means you, your family, and your pets now have available the microbe-destroying and healing power of Garlic multiplied many times over with no drawbacks. One tiny capsule of Alli-C gives the equivalent health benefits of eating 36 cloves of fresh raw Garlic. Here are two videos where Dr. Josling is interviewed and explains how the chemical Allicin is captured.

Peter Josling Interview Part 1

Peter Josling Interview Part 2

alli-cAlli-C causes no odor for you or those close to you to deal with.

Each Alli-C capsule provides 300 mg pure stabilized Allicin from Garlic along with 60 mg food-based Vitamin C and 40 mg citrus bioflavonoids. This combination has been scientifically proven lethal to disease-causing bacteria, including over 300 strains of MRSA and VRSA.

Alli-C does not harm your body’s friendly bacteria or cause negative side-effects. The stabilized Allicin in Alli-C is the strongest, most versatile, safest, and healthiest natural antibiotic known to man.

Alli-C also kills viruses and fungi, and it drives parasites out of the body. It has been scientifically proven in double-blind studies using low doses to greatly reduce the number, severity, and duration of common colds. The product fights all types of diseases caused by harmful microbes.

heartAlli-C can help lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Alli-C can help ease arthritic pain and swelling.

Alli-C can be harmful to cancer cells.

People and animals taking Alli-C are less apt to be bitten by mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

Alli-C is not Garlic or a Garlic supplement, but rather makes all Garlic supplements obsolete.

Alli-C may be taken by children ages 3 and up as well as pets. Alli-C is safe in virtually any quantity. The only people who should not take the product are children under 3 years of age and those allergic to Garlic.

The normal maintenance dosage of Alli-C for an adult is one capsule per day, but higher amounts may be safely taken for therapeutic purposes. Each bottle of Alli-C contains 30 capsules for a one-month supply at the normal maintenance dosage.

Alli-C is made and packaged with pharmaceutical grade materials and grown to GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) agricultural standards. There is no real need to spray Garlic with pesticides since nothing attacks it, so the Garlic used to make the product is pesticide-free.


Alli-C is the exact product that its developer Peter Josling takes himself, and he has been sick only once since 2000.

Rick in Florida: The veggie capsules have had an incredible effect on my organs. All my current blood work is hands up. I am no longer in the diabetic stage. My last a1c test was 5.9. I am eating better and working out 2/3 hrs a day-it has really been a wonderful thing as well as a real life saver for me. God bless and good day Daniel. See you soon. Rick

Chuck in Montana: For many years, I could not breathe through my nose. After using Dr. Joslings stabilized allicin product, my nasal passages opened up and now I can breath through my nostrils. I also rarely am sick since using this product on a regular basis.

Francis in California: Have had issues with MRSA outbreaks on my skin and used the veggie capsules and also the Alliderm topically to clear up the issue. I use a maintenance dose now of 1 veggie capsule each day.

Gary in Idaho: The allicin product keeps me from getting the flu virus and getting sick each winter. Before using the product, I would catch what ever bug was going around the community. Now I don’t get sick.

Alli-C is affordable for everyone and you get more Allicin for your money than with other Allicin-based products. Every kitchen cabinet in the world should contain this product.

Order Alli-C

Order Alli-C today! I use secure payments via a technology company called Square. Your information is safe as you will notice https in the address of the url. The ‘s’ on the end of http stands for secure as the information is encrypted. Since 2001, I have never had a problem paying bills and ordering products on the internet.

You can shop securely and purchase Alli-C through my merchant account with Square.

Order Alli-C


Allicin and aloe vera for skin problems, bites, burns, and woundsAlliderm is a topical disinfectant and healer that contains stabilized Allicin, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin C. Alliderm is good to keep in your medicine chest for whenever you need help healing wounds, burns, insect bites and stings, rashes, and infections.

Alliderm on Square Market

If you just want to order products and do not use the internet for shopping, you can mail me a postal money order. Call me for the address to mail your money order. As soon as I receive your request with payment, I will go to the post office immediately as long as it is a weekday. Orders received after 15:00 Pacific time on Fridays will ship on Monday. Allow for one additional day should your request come during a holiday period.

Contact Me if you have any questions!

Daniel Parsons

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Skype: missionarydanielparsons

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  • I have used Alli-C since 2006 and rarely catch a cold or flu during the winter season.

  • Me too! I've being using Alli -C for a few years too and not had a cold since. It's a great product! Garlic pills can help boost your immune system too.

  • Fotokopi

    I used this product to get rid of a persistent ringworm infection and it did provide me with some relief. 

    • Alli-C has helped me since 2005! The Alli-c I have in stock has 300mg of allicin powder giving you 100 percent allicin potential. Most garlic products only offer 4 percent allicin potential. thanks for stopping by Fotokopi.

  • Vincent

    I gave some to my father while battling a real bad case of the cold, and 2 days of taking this product completely healed him. The dosage I suggested for him was 4 pills a day because of the bad cold. This stuff works and the seller again is a very professional dedicated business person.

    • Alli-C has helped me since 2005! The Alli-c I have in stock has 300mg of allicin powder giving you 100 percent allicin potential. Most garlic products only offer 4 percent allicin potential. Thanks for stopping by Vincent!

  • This formulation is one of those miracle products. I use it in conjunction with other natural products,(no Big Pharma antibiotics), to fight Lyme Disease and for me its working.

    • Alli-C has helped me since 2005! The Alli-c I have in stock has 300mg of allicin powder giving you 100 percent allicin potential. Most garlic products only offer 4 percent allicin potential. Thanks for stopping by Parfum.

  • This product sounds worth trying. Does this help at all with frequent stomach aches too? I've tried particular diets, but nothing seems to help. Thanks! 

    • Christie, Alli-C is an excellent product and I have plenty of inventory on hand. I have the 300mg which is Dr. Josling’s newest formulation. I have never thought of Alli-C as an aid for digestive health. If you are interested in a natural remedy for stomach aches, may I suggest VelociTea? You can grab a free sample here:
      Rush Me A Free Sample of Tea

      We are going to be opening an opportunity for people to have an unending supply of VelociTea early Monday morning. Find out more here:

      Detox Cash

  • Shalani

    After reading all the positive comments..I wanna try using the Alli-C product to have a healthy life.

    • I ship same day on all orders received on weekdays before 3pm Pacific time. Not only does the Alli-C lower blood pressure, the product also strengthens the immune system Shalani! Thanks for stopping by.

  • Tracy Choi

    Hello Daniel,
    I want to stock up on some vitamins when I go grocery shopping and I want to know which vitamins my body needs. I am planning on getting a bottle of the Centrum A-Z ones and I have some chewable calcium things..but dont they have vitamins involving veggies? and some for hair? so on and so on. Please help me out on the ones I need. and if anyone knows any good recipes that are not fattening that will help too. Thank you to anyone who leaves suggestions 😀

    • Hello Tracy,
      I recommend Caldera Greens which is a whole food product. By getting enzymes, fulvic acid, minerals and vitamins from a whole food product ( organic greens grown in volcanic soil in Utah, USA ) your body will assimilate the nutrients. You may want to read Dr. Chappell’s book about complete mineral balance. Taking isolated calcium supplements is not advisable per Dr. Chappell. Your body needs the complete balance of minerals ( boron, magnesium, calcium and 72 trace minerals ) that is in our Coral Complex 3 Minerals product.

  • Kent Morris

    Hello Daniel!
    Yes I agree with you about the power of stabilized allicin in the Alli-C product. I really appreciate your blog cause it really helps every one. Thanks for the post.

    • Hello Kent,
      Alli-C is not a garlic pill or supplement. Alli-C is an incredible way that Dr. Josling was able to capture the healthy chemicals that are released when you chop cloves of garlic. The Stabilized Allicin and allinase enzymes are the most powerful natural anti-biotics available in the world today!

  • I have being using Alli-C for a few years. It is a great product! Stabilized Allicin can help boost your immune system too. This formulation is a miracle product. I have used Alli-C since 2005.

    Alli-C is also affordable for me and my family too.

    • Hello Christina,

      The allicin that is released when we chop into cloves of garlic is where all the medicinal properties are found. I never will forget the nurses when they saw my blood pressure drop after I started using Alli-C.

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