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Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Welcome to my post that discusses Conflict Management. Here are some steps to apply for Conflict Management to be successful in relationships.

  1. Come Up with a Sign: When 1 person says: “We Are In Conflict”.
  2. If you are shifted and need a break, ask for a time out. Ask what time do we come back and resolve the conflict.
  3. When you meet, it is best for the male to listen first for 3 to 5 minutes. Then repeat back to the female what you heard.
  4. If forgiveness is needed, process through until resolved.
  5. Remember there are four choices in resolving conflicts:

a. One Person’s Way

b. Other Person’s Way

c. Break Up

d. Win – Win ( Both Talk and Act As Though Decision Was Your Choice )

6. Get a Third Party If Necessary

7. Reaffirm Relationship ( This Is Why I Chose You to Be My Friend or Partner ) Use Words of Affirmation to Strengthen Your Relationship

Conflict ManagementFour Roadblocks to the Conflict Management Process

  1. Self ( Read Philippians 2:3-5 )
  2. Shifting ( Be Christ Like )
  3. Listening
  4. Back Story


Remember that Jesus taught in Matthew 5:9

“Blessed Are the Peacemakers”.

God set up the church for us to grow in Jesus Christ.

In today’s world, we should seek Unity with Diversity. Ellen White recognized this principle during her life and she wrote about growing the church.

How well do you wear your religion?

You will not change people’s personality. Behaviors Can Change.

Communication In Relationship

  1. Seek First to Understand Than to Be Understood
  2. Affirm, Thank, Put Yourself On Their Team
  3. Clarify, Correct and Explain
  4. Admit Mistakes When You Make Them and Ask for Forgiveness

Having healthy relationships is all about communication. When people are not communicating, conflict begins. I am working on applying all of these principles in my own personal relationships as I want my relationships to be healthy.

I do hope that you have benefited from my Conflict Management post. With just a little effort, people can have healthier relationships.

Daniel Parsons


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