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Green Smoothies Are Better Than Starbucks

Green Smoothies Are Better Than Starbucks

Welcome to my Green Smoothies Are Better Than Starbucks post.  When it comes to buying groceries, people evaluate cost. My video shows a way to easily afford nutrient dense food that your body needs for good health.


Benefits of Buying Starbucks

Because I am not a licensed medical professional, I will leave it up to you to do the research about potential health benefits of buying Starbucks coffee. There are so many variables to consider in the research that I did on the popular website Web MD when I searched for health benefits of drinking coffee.

There are documented studies that caffeine will raise your blood pressure as well as blood levels of the fight-or-flight chemical epinephrine, also called adrenaline. Caffeine is a mild diuretic. Decaffeinated coffee has about the same effect on urine production as water.

Both regular and decaffeinated coffee contain acids that can make heartburn worse. Avoiding acidic foods and beverages leads to better health.

Benefits of Buying Caldera Greens

Green Smoothies Are Better Than StarbucksCaldera Greens provides pure juice and whole powder concentrate from fresh young, certified organic, alfalfa, barley, oat, and wheat grass greens grown on volcanic soil rich in minerals and fulvic acid. This fresh juiced grass formulation provides one of the most balanced nutrient profiles of all greens products available on the market. It is naturally rich in active food enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, glycosylisovitexin, minerals, phytonutrients, plant proteins and vitamins.

Our organic ingredients are abundant in chlorophyll, naturally alkaline, juiced and dried within five hours of harvest at an average temperature of 88 degrees farenheit. Our amazing proprietary drying process concentrates live whole foods and fresh, raw juices into nutrient dense, great tasting juice powders for the ultimate in all natural convenient nutrition.

Green Smoothies Are Better Than StarbucksThe biggest benefit of drinking Caldera Greens in a tropical frozen fruit smoothie or just a glass of water if you prefer is you will get natural energy that lasts all day. You will not be hyped up from the caffeine in coffee. Your body also will have all of the nutrients it needs to help you live a vibrant life.
I have a more detailed page about our product below:

Caldera Greens


Comparing the Cost

Recently I bought a decaffeinated herbal tea at Starbucks. The cost was almost $2.50. If you bought this tea every morning at Starbucks, you would spend $77.50 in a 31 day month or $75 in a 30 day month.

You can purchase Caldera Greens at our retail price for $46 and have it shipped to your home for $5.77 if you order the greens each month for a total cost of under $52. You end up with $23 each month that you can use to take better care of yourself.

I hope you have enjoyed my article about Green Smoothies Are Better Than Starbucks. I have introduced a simple concept of transfer buying. You just take money you now spend on one item and shift your spending to a better for you product.

Please feel free to contact me if I can answer any questions.

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