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Convention Video 3

Convention Video 3

Video 3 Dr. Chappell finishes his talk about detoxing the body and Deb Barnes, the Convention organizer, introduces Chuck Dhuey. Chuck talks about Peak Enzymes.

Whole Wellness Club is the exclusive provider of high quality Digestive and Systemic Enzymes. Peak Enzymes have been formulated by Troy Aupperle who is the CEO of Enzymology Research Labs Incorporated.

Do you want to have more energy and feel younger?
Do you want to relieve inflammation?
Do you want to extend the quantity and quality of your life?
“Every single function in the human body relies on enzymes.”  Troy Aupperle
“The key to a long and healthy life, can be summed up in one word: ENZYMES.”
Dr. Hiromi Shinya, MD “The Enzyme Factor” page 2
Enzymes are the Spark of Life
If your diet is primarily comprised of cooked foods, your pancreas is producing all the enzymes necessary to digest your food.  Your pancreas was never intended to supply all the digestive enzymes you need.  It is over taxed and usually two or three times the size it ought to be.
Dr. Edward Howell, the father of modern day enzyme therapy, advanced the theory that we each have a limited capacity to produce a certain number of enzymes in our lifetime.  When we are no longer able to produce certain enzymes, that is when life can no longer be sustained.

“We have over 5000 enzymes in the human body that create perhaps 25,000 different reactions.  You could say that every action in our body is controlled by enzymes, but we know very little about them.  I believe we create these different enzymes out of a base or source enzyme, which is more or less finite in our body.  If we exhaust these source enzymes, they are not available in sufficient numbers to properly repair cells, so, over time, cancer and other degenerative diseases develop.
This, in a nutshell, is the enzyme factor.”

Dr. Hiromi Shinya, MD “The Enzyme Factor”   Preface page xi
“Enzymes have an unlimited source of energy. They are still a mystery … an enigma to scientists … because they can not figure out where this energy comes from but this unlimited source is what drives us and gives us life as well as the energy to do what we want to do while we are here.”    Troy Aupperle
Convention Video 4 Peak Enzymes

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