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Checkout Square

Checkout Square

Checkout Square is the page where you can visit my online store. I use a secure payment processor based in San Fransciso, California. Customers can now purchase products directly from a secure server on the Square Market website.

Checkout Square Payment Processor for MerchantsSquare is a company that was founded by one of the owners of Twitter. Most small business owners now prefer using Square as their payment processor. The technology is secure and simple for both the buyer and seller.

Merchants prefer Square because the payments are sent to your bank account within a business day. In the past, large payment processors would only pay every two weeks.

Square offers chip card technology now. You can also process payments online or with a reader that plugs into your smart phone. The Checkout Square process is simple for both the customer and business owner.

checkoutSetting up a Square account is easy. Business owners can also keep track of inventory, manage customer contact information, set up promotions and other incentives that help reward your customers.

Square also has a dashboard for the business owner to keep track of employee data. You can log hours and keep information needed to run your business all from the dashboard.

It is easy for the business owner to add or delete products from their inventory through the Item function of the dashboard.

Merchants that offer a service can also allow customers to add tips to the bill.

One feature that is simple and easy for a first time customer that calls in wanting to do business with you is the ability to send the customer an invoice. All you need is the customer’s email address to send them a bill.

My store website there is below.

Square Marketplace

Call me during normal business hours on weekdays if you have any issues or problems. My contact details are on the Contact Page below.

Contact Me About Buying Wellness Products

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