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Evolution Theory’s Impact on Society

Evolution is a religious belief that man has gradually evolved from organisms millions of years ago. I am not able to believe in evolution because there is way too much missing from the theory. Where is fossil proof between the time an ape was walking around & our current human form? People have also been able to see ever since man learned how to write on a cave wall. The human eye is so complex that there is no way it evolved. The human genome & DNA is also far beyond finite man’s comprehension.

Six days a week, I use an elliptical machine in the fitness room where I live. I do some praying & thinking while the 30 minutes goes by. The following came up today & I feel it is worth sharing.

Ever since sin entered the world in the Garden, deception has been all around man. There is nothing that man can do to fix the sin problem accept give that sinful, carnal nature to the Infinite Creator of the World – God. God is more than our finite minds can possibly comprehend.

Journalists on the PBS News Hour are being sincere when they question all of these ‘experts’ about what can be done with the real serious problem of racial profiling & the crimes that some police officers have committed against people. Innocent people have lost their lives over trivial matters.

In my opinion, & we all have one, our society has brought much of this trouble on itself because the secular world wants to deny the existence of God. Our children are taught Evolution. Many of our children grow up with absolutely no respect for human life or for basic principles like love thy neighbor as thy self.

There is a way to solve the problem. Get people back into reading & sharing the Word of God. I can prove this works. The very first Seventh-day Adventist church that I went to in the spring of 2006 was a small church in the very northwestern part of Washington State. The pastor at that church at that time was Pastor Turner. He is an African American. He & his wife were very warm & welcoming to me & I listened to his entire 70 minute presentation from the Bible & was so moved that I have never desired to return to the Episcopal church that I grew up in.

Our worldwide church has pastors from many diverse ethnic backgrounds. We don’t see anyone’s skin color or think that someone that speaks a different language is less than those of us that speak English. I have been out witnessing with people from many different parts of the world. In short, because we all love Jesus & read the Bible, we respect each other. Some of my favorite pastors in the Adventist church are African American men & women.

I can also tell you of 2 African American women that helped me grow when I was a member at the Santa Barbara SDA church. Clara led the Wednesday night prayer meeting the whole time I lived there & I learned from just watching her actions.

In Christianity, we see brothers & sisters in Jesus Christ. We don’t see red, yellow, black or white.

Offering children in school both Creation & Evolution Theories would also be a wise decision by our leaders. I am very much in favor of religious liberty & understand the importance of keeping our church & state separate as the founding fathers of our nation finalized when our nation was established.

So there is the solution to the violence problem. It is sad that mere children die from gun violence every single day in cities like Chicago. This sin issue is soon to be removed from the earth when Jesus returns.

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