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Positive Attitude is What Brings Success

I had one of those moments today when you know you are doing what you love to do. I get paid to help others improve their health. Now I can help others build an income that is much more predictable than the stock market or bond investments. All of the years of motivational tapes and conference calls listening to the gurus has paid off for me. It is all about having a product that you are passionate about and will share with others. Our attitude and actions are what brings the results. If I get up everyday with gratitude and a positive outlook, I will attract people that want the freedom we have being our own boss.

Mandura paid me 5 out of the 20 bonus pools available and I just started about 23 days ago. The weekly pay checks into the bank are great. How many people out there are on fixed incomes and need extra money every month? Mandura is the opportunity for people as it only cost $30 for one bottle to secure a spot. The income starts coming in to the new person’s bank account in just over 2 weeks. Mandura is the opportunity for people to help themselves in our current economy.

In my opinion, I live in one of the world’s nicest areas. It is cooling down now and breaking out the light sweaters is nice. We have the 2010 Winter Olympics coming right across the border in Vancouver, British Columbia in just a few months. This whole region is just buzzing with excitement. I cannot wait for Mandura to open across the border.

You may have to go through many prospects to find one solid worker but that is all you need to grow a great business here. If I get 5 negative answers today it will not cause me to stop looking for a prospect. I will move on to search out the next person I can begin a dialogue with and break the news to them about a straight down matrix that pays everyone for the entire company volume.

Please read Dr. Tom Barrett’s books:

Dare to Dream and Work to Win

Success Happens

and Michael Oliver’s Natural Selling

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