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Natural Healing

Only Sick People Get Sick! You can keep your immune system strong by giving your body live foods that have nutrition. Eating fruits, legumes, nuts, vegetables, and whole grains will nourish your body. Another extremely important part of health is keeping your body hydrated. The best way is drinking distilled water with electrolytic minerals. Everyone should drink one half their ideal body weight in ounces each day. This is not including any other beverages you may consume.

There are two resources you can also use that will help you avoid harmful vaccines. There is a library of recorded calls posted in our Whole Wellness Club English speaking group on Facebook. You can learn about how to deal with diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other common health concerns.

If you want an eBook from Dr. James Chappell that details in four steps how to overcome disease and illness, click here: Four Step Plan

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