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Dr. Edward Howell in 1920 was licensed in Illinois to practice medicine. Dr. Howell studied how enzymes from fresh fruits and vegetables healed sick patients he was attending. He advocated Serrapeptase and Nattokinase which are enzymes that have healing properties. Many people today are suffering from Leukocytosis, which is a raised white blood cell count above the normal range.

According to Wikipedia: “Leukocytosis is very common in acutely ill patients. It occurs in response to a wide variety of conditions, including viral, bacterial,fungal, or parasitic infection, cancer, hemorrhage, and exposure to certain medications or chemicals including steroids. Leukocytosis can also be the first indication of neoplastic growth of leukocytes.”

What can we do to make sure we do not have a raised white blood cell count? Introducing Peak Enzymes which are formulated by Troy Auppele. Troy is an athlete that has scaled the 7 highest peaks on all 7 continents. He also won the Rim to Rim Competition in Arizona at age 40.

Whole Wellness Club now has the best available enzymes on the market. You will notice the improvement in your health within a few days. Enzymes are the key to long life. The ingredients are from Japan and are the highest quality on the market. The digestive enzymes are taken with a meal. These enzymes will aid with gastrointestinal health which is also known as your digestive system. The price of one bottle of digestive enzymes is $28.

The systemic enzymes are taken at night before bed and will help the body clean your blood, strengthen your immune system, fight viruses, and slows fibrosis. The health benefits of both of these enzymes will take some stress off your pancreas. Many people today that have a poor diet that includes too much sugar have a large pancreas. The price of one bottle of systemic enzymes is $58. You can order the digestive and systemic enzymes now. Go to my website and call me if you have any questions. Whole Wellness Club Enzymes

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