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Earthquakes, Unemployment, Foreclosures, Stock Market Collapse

Bad News

Turn on the radio or television and you will be overwhelmed by the horrible events going on in the world today. The media sensationalizes these news reports to draw the listeners in. The more listeners a radio or television station has, the higher ad revenue the advertisers are willing to pay to the media outlets. If you listen to news reports before bed about murders, robberies, and rapes, your sub-conscious mind processes those bad messages all through the night as you sleep.

Do you think as many people would tune in if you heard nothing but kind acts like the little girl in the Seattle area did before she died of a tragic car accident?

Rachel Beckwith wanted to raise $300 so people in developing nations could have clean water. After she died, the media did the right thing and brought the cause out to the public. To date, the charity has raised over $1 million. All funds go to the cause which is very noble of the parents. There is hope like this everyday.

The hope can be found in God's Word: The Holy Bible. If you are like me and want to put more positive messages into your conscious and sub-conscious mind each day, there are many resources for you. I will share three that I use as much as possible.

Hope Channel

It Is Written

Radio of Hope

Three Angels Broadcasting

Just as the food we eat becomes a part of us, the mental food we take in everyday becomes a part of us.

Years of listening to negative media has hindered my health. I disconnected from the bad news a few years ago and then had a relapse in the past few months as I subscribed to the basic television service my local cable provider offers. I am going to have them turn the service off soon as I am moving from my residence.

God's word shares that one day the Great Controversy will be over. God wins and evil will be eliminated. Jesus will return to save all mankind as God loves all mankind. God does not want anyone to perish. It is up to each person to accept Salvation.

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  • I know some people who went years without tv and radio. They said it was actually very traumatic for them to come back to it all.

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