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Create Jobs

Welcome to my create jobs post. Did you know that the USA exports only 7-8 percent of its Gross Domestic Product overseas? Germany exports over 50 percent of its Gross Domestic Product. Germany is a worldwide leader in manufacturing of high tech goods and services. German automobiles, machinery and trains are a large part of the manufacturing base of the German economy. America needs to improve on the amount of goods it creates and exports overseas in order to keep pace with the global economic powers like Germany.

America was built on local stores serving their local communities. In 1990, a major shift began that has seriously hurt the employment future of many people. People began consuming more and they shop till they find the lowest price. Big Box stores like Home Depot, Kmart, Lowes, and Target have grown very large. Mom and Pop stores that were in every town across America had no chance of staying open because of the big chain stores.

Family wage jobs that provided for people were shipped overseas because large corporations could earn more money outsourcing manufacturing jobs to China, Mexico and Vietnam. Instead of having an economy that created, America now has an economy that consumes. If you don’t have a service sector business or a specialized skill, you are now unemployed. How can the American public turn the economy around and not wait on government action to stimulate job growth?

Quit shopping at the low price store and start trading with your local businesses if there are any left in your town. Buy local is so important. If you want to keep small businesses open in your community, start shopping locally.

The other way Americans can take the bull by the horns is create a job for yourself. What is your passion? What do you really like to do? I lost my career job with Alaska Airlines in 2005 when the management outsourced our jobs to a non union sub contractor. I began searching what kind of profession I could make a living in and realized that catering to the health and wellness needs of the baby boom generation would be an excellent alternative for me to pursue. Find out more about how to take control of your future and create a Plan A for yourself by requesting the newsletter on the right hand side of this site. I hate spam more than you and won’t ever sell or giveaway your information.

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