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Market Your Business with Twitter

Do you have a Twitter account but need to learn how to find and attract people to your business? I have learned a few things about using Twitter and will share what has helped me with my Internet Marketing.

1) Post interesting articles about how to get benefits or improve a situation. I am in the alternative health field. I post articles like this one:

Do you know anyone that loses Energy During the Day? Feel 20 Years Younger with Peak Enzymes

Then place a link to your Linkbee Account. If you don’t have a Linkbee account, you need one because it is a referral income stream and shortens your urls.  You can get one here for free: Linkbee

DO NOT blast ads to your Twitter followers. They will unsubscribe from you. Share how you can help them save money or improve something in their lives.

2) Create a Twellow account for free. Twellow is a directory, search and yellow pages of Twitter users. You can do a targeted search for people in many categories. Find people in your category and add them to your following on Twitter. Being proactive pays in building your following.

3) Tweetdeck is an application that updates every minute or so. There is a slight owl sound every minute or so. If I am doing several posts on Twitter, Tweetdeck is very handy. You can also group your contacts into a special group. That has many implications for working with team members and other management functions.

4) Tweetlater is another application for managing Twitter posts. You can also earn referral income by sharing your affiliate link to the public.

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