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How to Avoid a Scam Online

How to Avoid a Scam Online

Welcome to my How to Avoid a Scam Online post. What should a person look for when searching for a home based business?

The world has changed rapidly since the internet became a part of every household. As of 2005, there were over 35 million people working from home. The number of people working from home keeps growing as more and more jobs are lost in the old economy.

How can someone find a real business that will let them also provide for their families? Here are some important issues to consider when someone shares an opportunity with you.

1. A real product or service is behind the business. When money exchanges hands, there must be some value received. This first principle eliminates the gifting programs from being a real business model. I would probably not send my relatives cash money in an overnight envelope so you can be certain that I will not send one to a stranger. I suggest hanging up on someone that calls you for one of these deals.

2. Promises of fast money within a short time period. This is a common problem in people’s email accounts. There are dishonest people online and they usually don’t last for long however be aware that they do prey on new people that come on the internet. Of the almost 7 billion people on the planet, close to 2 billion are now using the internet. An online business is similar to a local brick and mortar business. It takes some time to develop your customer base and earn income. Growth in an online business is unlimited because of the huge number of users.

3. High Yield Investment Programs or HYIP should be viewed with skepticism. Promises of making 50 percent or more returns on your money very quickly are illegal.

4. Ponzi schemes. This is a program that takes in new money every day and pays out large rewards to the people that started in the beginning. Ponzi schemes always break down when no more new ‘investors’ come in. Ponzi schemes are illegal. Just ask Bernie Madoff and Sean Mueller who are now sitting in prison if Ponzi schemes are a legal business.

How can you find a real business? There are many excellent opportunities that a person can start building from home. I have been with a products company that is global since 2007. We have the Better Business Bureau Seal on our website as the company meets that organization’s requirements.

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